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Here is the guide I used to understand Tiamat after dying once in squad/assault difficulty.

Note: It is perfectly fine to even not clear successfully on day one, focus on learning her mechanics!

Video Notes/Tiamat Explanation (Written so you don't have to scim or watch it entirely)

  • Aside from the numerous OHKO Tiamat does, her regular attacks/abilities can dish out a decent amount of damage as well -> Bleeding Effect, Knockbacks/chain CC, and decent damage on her abilities overall. Watch your HP carefully if there is no gimmick up when DPSing Tiamat.

Stages/Attacks are in Order [You may skip or rush through certain stages of Tiamat because you do a lot of damage or have 4 PPL that can do a lot of damage]

  1. Tiamat starts with regular attacks/abilities some of them can crash weak super armor abilities

  2. After Tiamat gets low enough she will move to the top Middle of the Map/Sector; a Tablet/Stone will spawn destroy it then continue DPSing Tiamat.

  3. Tiamat returns to her usual attacks/abilities; as well as now including a DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) gimmick starting now when she is in her usual attacks/abilities stage.

  • It is only <- or ->, you have room for mistake(s) so long as you press <- -> within the time frame! [It will get faster after a certain point]
  1. Tiamat uses a lot of red indicators for her OHKO and even her basic abilities it is important from here on to note what size/position she is at before playing accordingly.
  • Tiamat first OHKO ability is when she is in the center of the Map

  • In the beginning/early stages of Tiamat she will start by marking a circle close to her first then a big circle outside of the first circle. Both of these circles will shoot a OHKO ability. [The order will then be outside first then inside second as the Dungeon/Sector progresses]

Dodge with mobile abilities avoiding the red zones; you may also use Cancel or Dodge [Better yet combine your dodge and mobile ability]

Think of her abilities like this: o O (beginning phase) then O o (later phase) these o's represent the map and how her OHKO will look like in a 3-D perspective

  1. Tiamat next OHKO ability is her wall(s)/prison wall(s)/laser wall(s)
  • Unless you are the master at timing AND positioning when you use Dodge you will get caught often and die to this gimmick/stage. [Memorizing which wall patterns she is going to do/does once the pattern starts help, but we are way too early for that]

  • Run towards a wall and press Dodge(Space default); read Dodge's rule emphasizing on if you dodge exactly when you get hit . . . you become invulnerable for 1 second. Make sure to position accordingly to time your Dodge again at the same timing (avoid getting stuck between 2 walls colliding with being invulnerable)

  • The ability technically isn't a OHKO but with the usual gear ATM you tend to just get one shot if not left with 10% HP usually.

  • There are 2 different patterns of walls Tiamat spawns [hence knowing which helps so you can dodge/move from muscle memory]

  1. Tiamat will continue with random DDRs and basic abilities/attacks + Lethal In and Out Circles until you get her to this stage: Teamwork or Death [Unless you are Soloing]

Tiamat next OHKO ability is marked with a Red Arrow/Cursor above your character/all character(s) in the map.

  • There will be circles below your character(s) as well; the goal is to make sure your team's circle touch each other. For solo this stage doesn't really matter/should be easy once you know how it works.

  • After a certain time interval Tiamat will unleash her OHKO; if everyone is together Tiamat guarantee OHKO is negated (white shockwave of the entire map)

  • This stage will change as well as you progress.

  1. Tiamat will continue with basic abilities/attacks + DDR + Prison Walls/Lethal In and Out Circles until you trigger this stage/attack when she gets low enough.

Golden Sigil: Tiamat's longest OHKO

  • The center of the map with a sigil glows gold

  • Everyone/you must gather to the very center of the map (usually just be on top/in Tiamat)

  • Tiamat will unleash a volley of abilities that will one shot anyone that isn't at the safe zone (on/in Tiamat)

  1. Tiamat will now continue with basic abilities/attacks/DDRs/Prison walls/Lethal In and Out Circles until you trigger another Teamwork or Death stage
  • Again everyone's circle indicator must connect; however afterwards everyone will be marked with an AOE lethal circle

  • Stand still and dodge once the OHKO ability comes out or dash out (with iframe prefer). Be careful about consistently running or you will kill your teammate(s) on accident.

  1. Tiamat's next OHKO ability is: Touch all 12 or Die
  • Tiamat will spawn 4 blue dark crystals on the map; afterwards 4 blue circles will spawn in a cross formation on each crystal

  • You and/or your team must touch all 12 before Tiamat completes her channel to OHKO you

  • If you manage to touch all 12 she will do a similar attack to veronica; in that she will just charge and be sad that she couldn't kill you

  • If you or your team successfully touched all 12 blue circles; you/your team will be granted a huge damage buff

  1. Tiamat will now continue with basic attacks/abilities/DDRs/Prison walls/Lethal In and Out Circles until you trigger her next stage.

  2. Tiamat next stage is: 2 Stones tell 2 tales [20 HP Bar]

  • There will be 2 dark red crystals spawn in the center left/right of the map

  • one of them will be electrify; the other will not

  • hit the one that isn't cover in electricity/discharging; they will interchange so switch accordingly

  • hitting the wrong crystal/not using space as you hit will lead to you getting knock back and taking chunks of damage.

  • If you successfully spam hit the correct crystals you can proceed + you do big chunks of damage to Tiamat as well in this stage (1~3 bars)

  1. Tiamat continues with with basic attacks/abilities/DDRs/Prison walls/Lethal In and Out Circles until you trigger her next stage.


  • Tiamat transform into a pitch black demon form

  • Her basic attacks/abilities are empower and she starts to hurt

  • However, she will no longer play games/OHKO games with you -> Simply just spam abilities until you kill her.

Conclusion/Bonus Notes:

  • All of her OHKO/High damage mechanics can be Counter (C default) or Dodge (Space Default)

-This dungeon is long AF until you complete Tiamat gear [ex: Circuits 20min clear vs her 1min clear]

  • There is 2 instances (if you aren't DPSing) Tiamat high enough that she spawns a stone/tablet to the right side and marches towards the stone. This stage is rather simple in that you keep hitting her until you do enough damage to stop her from touching the stone; if she touches the stone she will unleash a OHKO on the entire map/sector.


Feel free to correct anything if I may have made a mistake!

Also share some tips/advices that aren't mention! (cough talismans cough dragon elixirs?)

  • gear tips/advices

  • tunes

  • how much % psi or phy pen

  • and etc.


  • HailsHails Member
    edited February 2018

    My first solo run of assault was like 20min with 18k raw on Yuri I didn't even die a lot. But my penetration was like 50%. I changed it to 80% and my next run was 10 minutes with a few deaths and me being lazy and not attacking during walls.

    So I guess you really need 100%. lol

    Must be nice to be Seha tbh.

  • people should note that in squad once market type or copy /escape everyone will be put into the same spot for the mark so you don't have to use cancel the run away with the big pillar and the cancel the last mark i did 2 characters in tia today and noticed a lot of people died because of that might be helpful if you do the /escape thingy

  • More Notes:

    Tiamat side(s) dungeon - Left and Right side of the sector hub for tiamat

    • will do tiamat mechanics as well a slight bit different/indicator may be weird but same concept

    • i.e: hugging each other when theres a red mark on someone try to go to that person or use ure cancel to dodge the one shot

    Tiamat Assault/Scrimish Notes Extra:

    • stay in the air; her basic attacks /abilities hurt if u ground yourself
  • does the old blueprint thing only drop in assault? I did skirmish once and didn't see it drop too scared to try assault lol.

  • Hate to be that guy, but being a Special Agent would make this a bit easier

  • @HardDriveDivinity said:
    Hate to be that guy, but being a Special Agent would make this a bit easier

    Until then, struggle along. It's not an impossible challenge. Some characters have it better than others though.

  • @HardDriveDivinity said:
    Hate to be that guy, but being a Special Agent would make this a bit easier

    If only they'd bring it together with Nata, so Black Lamb players actually get something out of the next patch.
    Not likely to happen because En Masse lol but whatever.

  • @Hadasy said:

    Until then, struggle along. It's not an impossible challenge. Some characters have it better than others though.

    cough* Levia

    thankfully she has 4 invulnerable skills lel

  • Lexy6Lexy6 Member
    edited February 2018

    also don't forget when tiamat is in her dark form your damage is reduce by 50%

  • FoSizzleFoSizzle Member
    edited February 2018

    In an attempt to kinda try and figure out a good combination between how much Phys/Psi Pen is optimal, ill post my time results and raw / pen amount here.

    after crew buffs>
    Phys: 18,723 Psi: 17,791
    Phys: 52% Psi: 44%

  • I give one simple hint when the walls show up don't run around like a chicken just go to the center of the map and calmly wait for the wall for you to dodgue, in short don't panic.

  • ^ exactly what Yoburi said the middle is your so called good ground to dodge either one of the patterns don't use iframe skills space is your best bet it just takes practice ofc

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