Add "Gel Conversion" from KR to NA's Gacha

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So I hopped on KR for the first time in almost a month, completely forgot about one of their Gacha Mechanics.

To give a rough idea of how it works is:

Each time you gacha you'd get this little Bitna Stamp (Dimensional Gels), after you get x amount you can craft some pretty nice things. This was a way to help filter out bad RNG, to an extent. There is a box that costs 230 gels, has the in rotation accessories and the phase wings in them, ofc the phase wings are the hardest to obtain, but you're at least guaranteed an accessory on top of w/e you've spent at that point, just a more condensed RNG box. There are other things in it, but to show an example:

These are the current items in the "Gel conversion" tab on KR. I believe it would be a wonderful feature to keep the paying players happy. I wanted to hear what other players thought, and before you say "catering to the paying players" this benefits the market the most as the more they invest into trying to get phase wings the more likely they are to sell those unwanted accessories on the market for lower prices to get rid of them.

That's all I really wanted to say. Looking forward to what the rest of you think.

Add "Gel Conversion" from KR to NA's Gacha 60 votes

Yes, add the system exactly as it is on KR!
65% 39 votes
Yes, but make it cost less to craft from it!
25% 15 votes
Yes, but make it cost more to craft from it!
0% 0 votes
No, don't add it!
10% 6 votes


  • I like this idea. 230 seems like a lot though, to me at least. Do you only get one gel per gacha, and do you also get them from the disposable washing machines?

    A little more info for me and some others who might not be familiar with KR might be nice, but as is, even if I'm not going to buy gachas because I'm fundamentally against them, I love the idea of getting a second chance if you have some bad luck.

  • So there's a bad luck assist? All for it.
    Gambling without any idea if you'll get what you want eventually leaves a pretty bad taste.

  • Not just from Korea they also have that on indonesia why they didn't put that already.

  • So it rewards you for spending, whether you win gacha or didn't get anything at all. If you get something good, this makes it even more rewarding. If you got bad luck, then consider this as as a small compensations and appreciate for trying.

    Overall, I don't see any reason to be against it.

  • I like it. Benefits EME by making gachas more attractive to the player (and thus reverting more money to them), and benefits players by making those who do gacha get something RNG-independent.

  • Yes. Keep the game alive for me, whales.

  • I mean there already is a system in place that makes sure you get a piece of costume or accessory after a certain # of opens. but OK

  • Not sure which of the first two options to pick...

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