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  • le push lvled to 4, 2 slots!! <3

  • I hope there's one more spot so I can hopefully join :D

    IGN: Akiraa
    Age: 22
    Location: California (United States)
    Reason for joining: I want to join a crew where I can enjoy this game even more and make new friends online and be friendly with everyone c:
    5 Weird Facts about me (Most probably aren't ;~;)
    1. I enjoy eating chicken every single day, like it's literally my favorite food out of everything else.
    2. Huge meme nerd (SHOW ME DA WAY) please don't hate me.
    3. Basketball/Anime/Video gaming is my life, take any one of those away from me and I'll forever be sad :c
    4. I recently started cosplaying as a new hobby and people say I look better as a trap... )':
    5. I'm a kpop fan sooo... ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY ~

  • Hello!!! Unfortunately it was filled again. We're pushing to lvl 5 so if you want, you can join our discord first and see what it's like. :hushed:

  • I hope there's one more spot so I can hopefully join :D

    IGN: Akiraa> @SolusIpse said:

    Hello!!! Unfortunately it was filled again. We're pushing to lvl 5 so if you want, you can join our discord first and see what it's like. :hushed:

    I tried joining the discord this morning but it says invite expired o: if you can send a different link that'd be great! I can join again soon as I get back home from work LOL

  • SolusIpseSolusIpse Member
    edited January 2018

    Oh we actually have a slot as i refreshed the roster this morning and evening. Ok, will send you the disc! :dizzy:

    Edit: I added you in game! aha.

  • @SolusIpse said:
    Oh we actually have a slot as i refreshed the roster this morning and evening. Ok, will send you the disc! :dizzy:

    Edit: I added you in game! aha.

    Alright cool! Thanks a loot :D

  • Was browsing through for a crew and this looked really fun! Would like to join if you have a spot!

    IGN: OriginZero
    Location: Eastern US
    Reason for joining: Looking to have fun and make new friends!
    5 Weird Facts about me:
    1. I am a big gamer that watches anime/reads manga!
    2. I come from FFXIV where I was a hardcore raider but wanted a change of pace.
    3. I am oddly very skinny irl and wish I could have more fat on my bones... T^T
    4. I have a dog that is named peanut since he likes peanut butter!
    5. I cosplay, but I don't have many outfits since my wallet hurts after every purchase... TwT

  • Oh great we just got 2 slots so hit me up if ever! Imma add in-game!

  • bumps Lvl 5 and we're recruiting for SEA region!

  • <3 IGN: (account name : Furetto) (code name : Furetto)

    <3 Age: 23

    <3 Location: malaysia (south-east asia)

    <3 Reason for joining: my dream is to become a cute idol, i think that's why god made me so cute!. but my parent dont understand, so i want to show them just how talented i am as an idol by first gaining fans here!. otherwise... i'll have to inherit the family farm! i hate being surrounded by bugs! and the pigs too! i want moe pigs ! i want to get people's attention~!

    <3 Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:

    <3 sparkle at night

    <3 breathe in co2

    <3 eats metal

    <3 could fly

    <3 a trap.....

  • We'll get you when we level sir :D

  • IGN: Neoyoshi

    Age: 38
    Location: United States, New York

    Reason for joining: You folks seem different and on the weird-side of the spectrum, plus i'm attracted to the international variety of gamers and folks.

    5 weird and factual things about me:

    1 I'm a left-handed Artist; and statistically, left-handed anything is considered an oddity at best according to what I've read over the years and what people have told me. I even draw objects into my Comic Art with Left-handedness in mind.

    2 I don't really appreciate color the way most people do, and that transitions into my Art style, i purposely do not fully color my artwork a lot of the time, instead, i stick to shades and then a single color. Very rarely will a fully color a piece of Artwork.

    3 I really like busty characters.

    4 I love Cat memes and funny Cat pictures.

    5 I often draw and Animate my own Cat "Rikku"

  • @Neoyoshi definitely getting you! A+ full effort!

  • Still recruiting?

  • Hello^^ I read your post and if this crew is still activeI would like to join^^
    IGN: SuWin (Godness)
    Age:15 (it Looks like everybody is older than me :D:'( hope its not a problem)
    Location: Austria (not Australia -.- :D)
    Reason for joining: It looks like your put some effort in your post, sounds fun, and yeah..
    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you: umm Honestly no clue what to say but...^^ here:
    1. In real life I can be the most silent person you ever see in your life xD
    2. I walk hours in my room talking to myselfe or thinking :D
    3. I am L in LGBT Muhahaha... idk ...(woud be nice if you decline if your against it..)
    4. ....Everybody says(idk what they are thinking :D )that I am a nice person but I am actually quite twisted lol xD....
    5. If I hav p.e and we need to strech ourselves and the exercise comes were you need to put your left hand behind your back and hold you right arm and bend it I always pretend that it huts... because I did this pose ever since I was a littel kid and it doesn't hurt anymore....:D umm yeah..

    Sry I don't know what to write xD
    Would be nice if I could join even if I posted a really boring application .. -.-

  • Hello Are you guys still recuiting if you do Can i join?
    IGN:Mrdoragon(2nd char)
    Location:Philippines(south east asia)
    Reason for joining:i think you are guys are friendly and i think joining you guys would probably fun
    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:
    1.I love pubg
    2.i like to watch anime
    3.i love my dog
    4.I love to sleep
    5.i like to eat many food

  • SolusIpseSolusIpse Member
    edited February 2018

    Yes we are currently recruiting as we just also lvled the guild. Just add me up SolusIpse :D

    @DC3KP6LPDL said:
    Location: Austria (not Australia -.- :D)

    You just gave me something to tease you about.

    1. I am L in LGBT Muhahaha... idk ...(woud be nice if you decline if your against it..)

    Our other staff in another game has fabulous guys, especially the current guild master we picked leading after us, and there's a bit of L's in this guild so that would give you an idea if I am against it. :)

    Oh man now we have teens xD

  • IGN: Magenta36 (Levia)
    Age: 30
    Location: California, US
    Reason for joining: wishing to join a fun crew/guild to help
    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:

    • I'm 6 foot tall Asian
    • I like to read manga, light novels, and watch anime
    • I am currently training to become a Pastry Chef
    • Favorite food is Pizza
    • Favorite anime is King's Avatar

    Also, may I get an invite to the Discord Server. Discord name is Magus7417 #1147

  • IGN: Account Name: Casia | Main Code Name: YYukino (Sylvi)

    Age: 22

    Location: Manila, Philippines

    Reason for joining: It's lonely being alone in-game.

    Image result for hikigaya request" alt="" title="" />

    And you guys seem like people i'd like to hang-out with.

    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:

     - I love Slice of Life Anime.
     - Trust me, I'm an Engineer.
     - My long-term goal is to someday migrate to Canada.
     - I'm currently having trouble coming up with 5 things.
     - I'm inlove with this girl though I know she can never be mine.

    Related image" alt="" title="" />![]

    edited February 2018

    IGN: Simdjs8 (sylvi main atm)

    Age: 28(i think maybe 29 can never remenber)

    Location: NA

    Reason for joining:Looking for a crew with peeps on all the time

    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:
    I am a truck driver and all the odd things that come with that
    I am always on the look out for my soulmate P.S. Taking applications for being my waifu :wink:
    I don't have a filter on my mouth but i know what not to say.
    I stay logged in like 24 hours a day since i can haha
    Also i always have a comment on whats going down so don't mind that
    PS left my old crew due to it being to inactive so i might still have the anti join crew thingy on me ill post a app in game when i'm allowed to.

  • IGN: Serra
    Age: 27
    Location: NA
    Reason for joining: I need some friends and people to talk and play with.

    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:
    1. I randomly became a huge miser at the start of 2018 after realizing that the logic for spending in Gachas was insane. Reduced monthly spending by 90% compared to Q4 2017.
    2. I have dreams (delusions) of creating a powerful family like in chinese novels despite how much backstabbing and schemes go on behind the scenes.
    3. I read 10x more than I game or watch anime and have no one to talk about it with. Maybe I'll find some readers in this crew.
    4. My GMAT scores are higher on reading comp / writing than my math...after four years of engineering school math and five years of work exp as an Engineer. Might have something to do with fact # 3.
    5. Taxes suck. I lose so much money during tax season.

    Discord name is Runez#2104. Please send an invite.

  • We're level 8 and still looking for SEA/Oceania members! <3push

  • IGN: (LielaXea) CKiryuu
    Age: 21
    Location: Philippines
    Reason for joining: Would love to play with someone for a change
    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:
    1. I love Atelier Series
    2. I sometimes dream of having a legal loli as a waifu
    3. I frequent reddit
    4. My favorite character is Mafuyu Orifushi
    5. hentai is life

  • IGN: Morgina(Main Yuri)
    Age: 21
    Location: United States
    Reason for joining: I am looking for friends and people to do special ops as well as running dungeons with! :disappointed:
    5 Strange facts about myself:
    1) I played Dungeon Fighter Online a lot and when i played this game instead, i instantly got hooked haha.
    2) I usually like talking in discord, but at first i might not talk so it might take a while for me to actually talk.
    3) Usually like watching anime and i guess playing an actual anime game is pretty nice as well.
    4) Currently in university majoring in computer science
    5) Uhhh i have nothing else to say... lol

  • IGN: ZmbiDowneyJr Character Name: Sopheet Main Char: Sylvi
    Age: Uh.. You might as well just call me auntie or grandma at this point :\
    Location: Oly, Washington
    Reason for joining: Playing forever alone is suuuuuper boring. ;Z
    Give us 5 weird and factual things about you:
    You asked for it!
    1) Official member of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fanclub
    2) First celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis
    3) Biggest celebrity crush is Sebastian Stan
    4) I'm so nearsighted that most conventional glasses frames can't hold the width of my lenses!
    5) I was born and raised in a bit of a SoCal ghetto. We were the only farm (horses, ducks, chickens, barn cats, herding/hound dogs) in a sea of 1980s inner city =D

  • MieBoMieBo Member

    IGN: MieBo, Codename: Kimmie
    Age: 26
    Location: Washington State of United states
    Reason for joining: i have no other friends that wants to play this game with me sooo.... looking for a crew to hangout with :wink:
    5 facts:
    1 - I love tofu and it is my favorite food in the whole world.
    2 - I love technology related anything. any kind of electronics whether it is to fix or build i love being part of them.
    3 - my family own a bean sprouts farm/factory
    4 - in school for IT
    5 - weird facts about me.... i can't really think of any atm but it will come out once I get friendly.

  • Hello guys! If you're still interested, just send me a friend invite - SolusIpse and we'll take you as soon as we go on! :D

  • To anyone planning to join this guild, you'd probably want to know this:

    • There can be at least 10 people online and no one actually chats. Literally no one. Even the guild leader.
    • They ignore people asking for help. Not even "Sorry i'm busy atm" or anything, just flat out ignore. (I do help people asking for help on pg5, but sometimes I really busy literally noone comes up to help them)
    • They dont do crew arena.
    • There is a very small circle of friends within the guild, and they are the only ones actually playing by themselves.

    That's about it. I know I sound salty, but its because I actually am. I joined the guild hoping for an active community to blend in and I get people on high horses. Guild rules: "Activity" my ass. and no, I wasn't kicked, I left on my own.

  • Hi! I see, let me reply in kind :dizzy:

    1. There can be indeed people online and doesn't talk for one especially if it's late night for us, example - I rather be talking to my friends and listening to music on my downtime while soloing what I can. Downtime that some of us deserved because of work and/or college. Also some are like just in and out just to do their stuff. We don't force people to talk, some already do since we have discord. Most of the social chatting goes through there... so I'm betting you didn't join our discord. Also not trying to poke here, I was a bit semi-inactive due to time constraints but I've never heard the guildies whine because I'm quiet and having my own moment. I'm sorry for the people who didn't get to talk to you and go in deep, they missed out?

    2. We usually say, "we're running out of fats, party full" or in my case, a hard pass just because I'm lazy to do anything, I'm just on to chat whenever I can. I've ask around and the girls told me that you usually leave their party after a run. They tried, you didn't. Pls don't pin that on us because it's a 2 way street. Tbh you did that to me as well but I didn't rant in guild because hell what do I know, that you might be having an issue irl. Also we usually say Hello to you and others who just came online just so you know we're here.

    3. Correct! - We don't do crew arena, hence we never advertise for it. See wording - Casual.

    4. True again! In a guild, there will always be a group of friends or a set party. It's inevitable, it happens. You either learn to deal with it and solo like a fox or make friends, like you know, try to really get to know people? Then again, you don't have a discord to really get to socialized with us did you, I wish you could have but then again knowing your attitude now, I guess we dodge a bullet! xD

    5. I know we're the same timezone gmt+8 so for sure, the guildmates are active at that time and to be fair if you read the first part of my post, we said most of the crew has work/school, my apologies if the guild couldn't get to adapt to your whims but like you said, you left on your own so I don't know what there's to be salty about. If you stayed and had left me a message, I would have understood the way you're whinging about things. I mean what's to be salty when you disliked it here and has left. I don't ever remember the guild attacking you in world or pm or what and to my knowledge, never did even to other people. It's like you broke up with a gf and you're dissing her just cause. Sad to see that kind of reaction but hey it is your opinion and we're all entitled to that. thumbs up

    I find it funny that you went here to warn people, not that it would stop us from recruiting but really, I'm glad that you left - toxicity ain't my thing. I dislike drama makers most of all. I can see that happening down the road if you would have stayed.

    To the applicants, It is your choice to join or not. We're not here to force you to stay or be uber talkative, We're here to get people who just casually plays and mostly just derp around in disc. We don't pvp and we usually lend a hand - can ask any of our members in disc but I don't really need to prove that and in case we can't, it's prolly we're busy, lazy or ran out of fats. We're not here to hold your hand and sing kumbaya like it's all good. Looking for friends should be done in real life and that kind of thing just happens naturally. I'm not saying we aren't friendly but we're definitely not gonna be bothered by it. We play because we like the game that's it. Hoping for your understanding. :D

  • You literally didnt have to write out 2-4. no.1 was enough.
    I was mad the guild was very inactive, and at no.1 you did say the guild is inactive in-game. point-given, point-taken.
    No. 2 is a lie, I saw at least 3 people just this week get totally ignored. I never played with you, even a single time. I don't know who those "girls" are so I couldn't really follow up that one, but I never left a party after a single run.
    4. again, point proven, you only play with yourselves.
    5. Its not really about me, I'm just really mad at the crew for ignoring newbies asking for help or even anyone to play with. surely, they joined the crew looking for players to play with, but as you said, the crew's main players just play by themselves, ignoring the rest of the member
    and I'm not trying to stop people from joining you, I'm just telling what to and what NOT to expect.
    Im not looking for a fight or drama, sorry if I came out aggressive, I just think we had a different perspective of the word "Casual"

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