I have become one with the Drop Memes

I just want you all to know that out of all my characters
This is the only one that hasn't gotten a blueprint/tiamat accessory while all the rest have, it can go higher but.. memes are meant to only be dreams.

For those I see posting around saying "I have 50% item bonus and never get anything!!", hello.


  • Teach me your ways! I have dreams of getting some phase wings from Mephisto or Irina!

  • It's so beautiful...sensei please teach us!

  • NaegiMakotoNaegiMakoto Member
    edited February 2018

    100+% Item Find over 500 runs of Virtual Airport on my main and 2 costume drops so far which were Sylvi Irina chest and Knives. Meanwhile other people drop Wings in 1-10 runs with 5% or less Item Find. Also no blueprints. Meanwhile my yuri with no gear or any Item find also got 2 costume drops in not even 100 runs.

    I feel you man Item find is a meme.

  • Can reach 200% really soon, hope you all know that the meme is but just a meme

  • I don't think you guys understand what a percent of a percent really means. :V

  • A percent of a percent is still filled with hopes and dreams! (Placebo as it may be)

  • Unless I'm mistaken, +200% item find = 300% normal drop chance.

    Thus, if normal drop chance is 1 in 1,000,000, your new drop chance is 3 in 1,000,000.

    The lesson here is that, for any given single item, the palpable benefits of item find become increasingly negligible as the item's drop rate nears zero.

    In the immortal words of Smash TV's announcer...

  • Getting drops is better than being me who DCs every 1 out of 2 runs and ends up wasting key mats

  • @MonVert said:
    I don't think you guys understand what a percent of a percent really means. :love:

    200% item bonus means 300% natural item gain, so even with abysmal rates you still get 3x the item drop rate.
    The reason it's very unnoticeable is due to a severe low odds that has a very long road to straighten out probability, for example, a 50/50 coin flip, after say a few hundred coin flips eventually evens out and the heads/tails eventually begin to be equal. With low odd probability, it takes even longer for things to even out, you can think of it like "Eventually all your bad luck will turn to good luck, and vise versa".

    So, in this judgement, the person with 0.001% will get less drops then the person with 0.003%... eventually. It just takes a year of farming, but it's likely the latter person will have 3x the drops.
    It's a long term investment

  • Can one of you make a maximum luck build guide, I have a general idea of everything I need but I think it would help future players seeking to maximise their found item bonus.

  • +drop items stat work wonders on event dungeon,the higher your drop item stat means more amazing drops you can get

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