DarkTrinity [NA]

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Lvl 4 crew

We are a chill and casual crew, small members right now, lookin to recruit more people, we do mostly pve/some do pvp here too. Trying to get ready for Tiamat coming up soon and lvl up the crew to get those sweet sweet crew buffs. No level requirements, any and all can join. Looking for active players to do PG and spec ops and such. Any who need help with something be sure to ask for it and will provide you with help or answers to any questions.

Discord: Info will be provided upon joining the crew, and once you join discord, will be promoted to member.

How to apply: Can push L to pull up crew search, type in the crew name (DarkTrinity), and send in an application. Will be checking frequently for any applications, feel free to post here asking for invite. We have many available spots available, will keep updated on how many are left


  • i will like to join ign otojime thanks.

  • can i join the ign is Sinbadd thank you :D

  • mk sorry for the very late replies, been a bit busy these past couple weeks since i posted, sure youre welcome to join if you havent already found a crew, just look up the crew DarkTrinity and put it an applicated and ill invite you

  • I would like to apply to the crew

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