Simplicity Recruitment Thread!~


Agent Seoyun here, just dropping in to let you all know that my circle, Simplicity is recruiting members~ I'll be making the circle on Friday for the remaining weeks of Alpha (yes I know it will be wipe) after Alpha ends and the server goes live, ill be remaking the discord for good. Currently we have 17 members that want to join, due to the cap for level 1 circles being 20 members we will be working hard and fast to expand asap to allow in more members. We have a very active discord, if you would like to join our community, but not join the circle in game feel free to do so, we have a guest role for this very reason. The goal of Simplicity is to help new players get into the game while also providing groups for leveling, plane gate, raids, pvp, and more. Once the circle is made all you have to do is open the circle/crew UI in game and apply. That's all for now, ill post the discord link in a separate comment below. Hope to see you soon!


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