Survey: Which do you prefer? Boobies (Harpy) or Flatchest (Tina)?

Boobies (Harpy) or Flatchest (Tina)?

Survey: Which do you prefer? Boobies (Harpy) or Flatchest (Tina)? 92 votes

Boobies is Justice! (Harpy)
sayi50AurackBaraNoMarieSadistSXKEFH6TJNGTAdmiralBaconRuneZephyrusSeithyLilTotodileIZenoIGrayShadesHiromotoChinaberryreconawp1992566MXGXYHWHaremraijikuraMomoDaakuTheRealArenshiSrVentus 37 votes
I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)
LihzakiviAsagamiAoiRyuuPinkParfaitthegamer88AlphaPhenixAlexiiiusRanchDFOUnknownRaulCCFFinickySinkinqsolFLEH3JGRJMUnknownNegumikoGrinReaperHangukjjangAxiserGonvaniMuczacza 40 votes
I want a blonde long-hair dude instead (Gimme Wolfgang!)
LovelyLeviaCalpheonMasazumiAeonSmithWowyoshiDraciusenArkeleonMuhrmatirionElloleiaPWHWPWDE9RmilkawwRyelGhostspeakerEona 15 votes


  • These topics just get weirder and weirder lol. I honestly don't care about that aspect of the characters. Fun to play is the only important part.

  • I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)

    Flat is justice
    Frilly top is a possibility
    Over-sized plasma beam emitter is not compensating for anything
    @NoxObscura Awww cmon just say something silly/toxic and brighten up the place

  • I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)

    I am more of a boobs equality pearson, but I also love a lot more things about Tina (the guns you stupid cops, the guns!) then Harpy...Wolfgang is cool too though.

  • nyxonnyxon Member

    "which do you prefer? not pedophile or pedophile?"

    he. nice try FBI...

  • I want a blonde long-hair dude instead (Gimme Wolfgang!)

    Wolfgang is the one we need. And if I could, I would actually vote for him over any other character...

  • MuonMuon Member

    One of the polls you end up losing even though you are winning.

  • I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)

    although I do like boobies gonna vote for Tina cause she is cuter. we have Levia for big boobies so a little bit of flat justice will be okay this time. although it is a bit strange Harpy has the same birthday as I do :D

  • This poll is wrong.
    Flat is justice.
    And in the legendary words of Kenichiro Takaki:
    Tits are life, ass is hometown.

    Don't mix it up.

  • wonders how long it'll take before the fires start
    I can take boobs in any size tbh, but @Hadsey seems to have it right.

  • LovelyLeviaLovelyLevia Member
    edited March 2018
    I want a blonde long-hair dude instead (Gimme Wolfgang!)

    Me: I prefer a fun good character-
    see wolfgang

  • I love boobs... but I wanna play Tina..... oh man....

  • I can't vote both. Not voting!

  • I want a blonde long-hair dude instead (Gimme Wolfgang!)

    There is only one, good thread FBI

  • I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)

    Listen. It's all about the justice.

  • I want a blonde long-hair dude instead (Gimme Wolfgang!)

    I'd say Levia is more about the boobs; Harpy's all about dem legs.

    Wolfgang however, is a man of culture.

  • Boobies is Justice! (Harpy)

    Nahe boobes are great

  • BaraNoMarieBaraNoMarie Member
    edited March 2018
    Boobies is Justice! (Harpy)

    OMG... 1st give us all wolfdog, then start with vote about next team. Wolfgang is so lame... I wanna all other characters before him... onyly good point i find in him are hairs and music theme.

  • Where's Violet on this survey? Screw woflgang >:

  • I'm a Flatchest Fan (Tina)

    Sorry guys Tina winning c-ya next month OMEGALUL

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