Need some info before starting the game

Hi! I've installed the game recently but can't really decide if this game is worth trying or not. I can't seem to find any endgame reviews of YT. I had been playing Tera for around 2 years (love it!) and spent a few weeks trying out Kritika (total waste of time...). I have a few questions:

  1. Is this game skill-based like Tera? Or more like brainless button smashing where only gear matters, with occasional braindead mechanic?
  2. Does it have a decent story? Or do you start skipping all dialogues after 10 mins like in Kritika?
  3. Is it grindy? Is the grind at least challenging, or more like smashing thousands of brainless mobs?
  4. Is it p2w? I know that's subjective and you can always speed up progress by selling EMP, but is there any stuff like op items that you have to either get for a few bucks or mindlessly grind for days/weeks? I don't mind some mild pay2start but I hate to be asked for more and more.
  5. How is PvP? Are there many PvP modes? Is it heavily gear-dependent?

Thank you, I know that opinions may vary but any advice is appreciated!


  • Lexy6Lexy6 Member this game you have to position yourself in order to do maximum damage you can do brainless button mashing but your damage output will be reduce significantly
    2.depends, this game has decent story but usually i just skip it because i want to go some action asp
    3.yes end game raids is challenging even if you overgeared the bos can still one shot you if you let your guard down
    4.same as above
    5.currently there are two pvp modes 1 v 1 and 3 v 3,and no it's not heavily gear dependent i'd say 60% skill 40% gear

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    1. It's not heavily skill based, but there are some things that reward learning the game. The early part of the game (pretty much all of Season 1), is hardly a challenge at all. Later bosses though, do require learning their mechanics and attack patterns to survive, but eventually you can get gear strong enough that it no longer matters. But getting that gear usually requires that you've fought that boss dozens of times already anyway. And as was said, there are situational damage bonuses: Air Strike, Chase, and Back Attack, that increase your damage output if you take advantage of them. But the PvE isn't complex enough that you need proper positioning or party compositions (there's no tanks or agro).

    2. This one is pretty subjective to be honest. I know some people that don't read the story at all. I actually like the story. It's nothing spectacular, but it's interesting enough for a read. And the Black Lambs and Wolf Dogs share the same story Hubs and maps, but their story dialogue is very different. So that makes it a tiny bit less repetitive. The third team that we'll get later (in like 6+ months) has completely different maps, which brings some much needed variety.

    3. This is an instanced game similar to Kritika. So most of the end-game requires fighting bosses, rather than lots of mobs. Granted, there will still be a lot of normal fights against mobs. But majority of endgame gear is crafted using boss drops, like our current Raid. Leveling though is a lot faster than say, Kritika. It apparently slows down once we start going for level 80+, but we don't have that content yet. The average player can reach 70, the current cap, in about 1-2 weeks.

    4. This game so far, is not P2W at all. Nothing that gives players an edge stat wise is blocked behind a paywall. If you can buy it with EMP, there is also a way to obtain it in-game or it can be bought from other players, save for a select few perks like the housing maid (makes explorations in the housing system easier).

    5. PvP could use some balancing, but overall it's not bad. Gear affects your performance a bit, but a skilled player can still defeat a bad player that has better gear. Right now, there is 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 (1 on 1 matches until all 3 on 1 team have lost). There was a MoBA-esque 3 vs 3 mode they experimented with in the Korean server, but it wasn't received well and they removed it, so it likely won't release here unfortunately.

  • 1: I would say it's core structure is pretty skill based. Of course your gear matters a fair amount, but really getting into the nitty gritty of your character and doing all their skills in succession without breaking the skill chains takes some practice to really perfect. There's also taking advantage of damage bonuses like air strike, chase, back attack, etc. It's also about knowing what strengths your character has and giving them the appropriate gear. Knowing is half the battle.

    2: I personally really enjoy the story. The game has a large cast of characters each with their own personalities and dialog, so playing through the game again with someone else won't feel exactly the same as before. You learn something new about them by playing through the story with each character and I like that kinda thing. Chances are you'll find a favorite.

    3:In terms of story progression, it's not too bad. Levels are pretty quick, and there's no time where the story will halt because you need to do something; you can clear each sector in a few hours each if you go fast. The entirety of Season 1 (Like level 0-~50) is extremely easy for the most part, and doesn't take a lot of effort. The challenge really starts to come in when you get to areas like Planar Gate where you fight a multitude of bosses and get some really good gear. That's where the real grinding starts to come in, and where your gear starts to matter. Beyond that is Tiamat and all the other upcoming content.

    4: Not really P2W at all. You can buy Elite status that gives a credit and XP boost, but there's nothing you can really purchase that gives you a huge advantage. Most things are just earned through leveling and getting better gear. If you're looking for cosmetics though, you're gonna need to shell out a fair amount of money, unless you wanna grind for a long time at the black market (A place where players can put up items to sell for in-game currency).

    5: I haven't touched PvP, but the others who posted here elaborated on it.

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