Yukata Costume A B C D

A thread for Yukata costumes A B C D so everyone having thoughts on who will get which type can decide. Upload your pics here including which type! :)


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  • I believe the right one is type C. Type B is the Yukata from Alienware.

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  • How was each type aquired again?
    So far I am going for the farmable one, at least for the girls.

  • Type A was given to player who reached 75 last March 20-April 2, iirc. It is also the Yukata in the GamesRadar giveaway lately despite the site indicating the Yukata is type D. This type was also given to new accounts made last March 19-20 or something.
    Type B is only obtainable through the Alienware giveaway which I think is still ongoing.
    Type C was also obtainable through another giveaway, PCGamer, last March 20-April 2 as well.
    Type D was the craftable Yukata using the cherry blossom petals which ended last Tuesday.
    Hope this helps!

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