How often would be next SA released?

As in the title, someone knows? It would be every week or something like that?


  • no update yet. please be patient
    we do not know the frequency nor the order and EME has explicitly stated that they will follow their own order. As such, making speculations based on other servers release history is now more or less irrelevant

  • xHawkyxHawky Member

    The next SA is as good guess as any. We might get Harpy as next SA or even Nata or Misteltein. Who knows they might just pull a next SA with release of a new character with it, for example Violet. But yes as FoSizzle said. Wait for an update from EME and see which one is the next. We all want SA now, but patience is a good thing to have. And SA might be a 3-4 week thing release we don't know that yet, but I have a feeling it will be close to a month or more.

  • I wonder if they will keep making the costume crafting events for every character. Releasing the next SA once the Yuri event is over sounds like it would be best but who knows.

  • It's really anyone's guess when the next one would be. When they were originally released in KR there was at least a month in between. Ours may be shorter, as we've been getting updates fast, or it may be around the same time.

    The only answer I can 100% say for certain is that, it will not be every week, as they have strictly done updates every 2 weeks since the beginning. Two weeks is the shortest the timeframe can get.

  • I bet you they're going to release Luna's SA next

  • Seeing as how EME completely disregarded KR's release order, I wouldn't be surprised if an underused class like Nata gets SA next.

  • YoburiYoburi Member

    My bet is Levia SA.

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