3vs3 times for EU

First of all the info say it start at 6 pm, 9 pm ( crew 3vs3 ) and 10 pm. But the time of the server compared to actual EU time is very bad the first one the 6 pm one is at 8 pm for us so that make the 9 pm one at 11 pm with is a very bad time some ppl have to work
And for the final time the 10 pm it dont even work and is 12pm for EU worst than the crew one.
So i should ask if EME can put another times for 3vs3 more good for actual EU and solve the 10 pm


  • GonzohGonzoh Member

    Edit: the final one started at 1 am for EU

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

  • Would be great to change these times, since there are not a lot of players playing at 1am lul. and its in general very late

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