Tradeable Garden Phase Wings

Saw someone using one

How to get one?


  • Craftable Item from Housing

  • @Beleila said:
    Craftable Item from Housing

    The one from housing can't be traded.

  • Garden phase wings is not tradable. What you're seeing is just a visual bug when you view it from the top rankers in TCP.

  • HailsHails Member

    Its possible if they come from the Costume Tree seed (on flawless growth) those might be tradable.

    Otherwise, it's probably a bug.

  • Ah, I see, thanks for the info, yea it was from the current top 1 Yuri.

  • Weird... the name say 1 Star, but the pic say 3 stars...

  • @NekoparaVanilla yeah, that's always been a thing... Mistranslated text that's miniscule to notice/care about.

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