Splendor of Darkness/SoD Merging guide

Since we get SoD this weekend for our free costume i thought id break down exactly how costume merging works for when the game goes live. Keep in mind you will not have to do this in alpha. This is how you make rare costumes when the server leaves alpha/beta

SoD/ Splendor of Darkness Merging Guide:
Okay so basically you have a costume piece for your character
lets say hair you have a 2* hair for your character the first thing you do is dismantle other 2* costumes to get greater phase fibers after you upgrade your 2 star hair to 3 star which takes 130 fibers, you need ANOTHER hair for any character repeat step 1 again with this new hair once you have 2 3* costume hairs you use a Synchro fiber from the cash shop or Black market you right click it it'll pull up a window very similar to costume upgrading/ tuning go to the costume tab and right click the 3* costume piece for YOUR character, once you do that a little screen inside the Synchro fiber UI will show the other 3* hair in your inventory, you right click that and hit merge.depending on if there is an event or not will determine how successful it is during events its 100% success rate, other times its 75% IF YOU FAIL costume merge the second costume item will be destroyed and you can either A) get the base piece you used (the 3* costume you upgraded to begin with) or B) get a costume piece of that same type in this case hair 2* from another costume set usually its summer vacation or housekeeper or playboy or some other random gacha
i can also link a video showing this process since that was a lot of information.


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