Xigncode3 Security Alert problems


I've been playing this game for a while and the only bigger problems of this game is Xigncode3 closing the game for some stupid reason even though you didn't do anything or are not running any program or there is no process running in the background that is made for cheating. Just errors like suspicious program detected I look at task mannager and there is nothing open at all!!! I Fixed the old error by using RAR to lock a program away and make it undetectable but then there are these security alert Might be Trojan detected scan your pc ... ... How the hell do you know if there is any Trojan?! Why is Xigncode3 so stupid compared to other games which also use Xigncode.. they detect programs or process on starting the game but Closers Xigncode3 is like this.... and another problem I start the game it loads for 5 mins before I reach character select then I chose character and go to my Room to do the Explorations but then when the game is loading in.. the even poping up.. I open my inventory.. or even before I can do anything the game closes <3 Security Alert A <3 ... or something else and yes it puts dam hearts on both sides seriously pissed off with that.. No other game I play that does use Xigncode detects anything on my PC... ONLY CLOSERS game Xigncode3 detects crap on my PC that even I don't know what it is detecting.. game support is useless as they tell you nothing that might help and suggest contact Xigncode developers.. which I did and they send an auto mail back to you that isn't even written by a PERSON!!! Could the Closers DEVELOPER team please fix this with the Xigncode already and also the loading of the game when you launch it.. it takes forever!!.. and I'm tired of opening the game and waiting so long every single time and it isn't even my fault but the game's Xigncode. And no I don't have an anti-virus program because I don't know which one is actually good to have and FREE.



  • maybe we could help you if you put that error code instead of a big wall of text

  • You couldn't help even if I did put the code.. the only ones that could do something are the developers but they sure won't see this anytime soon. The codes are 0xE019100A, 0xE019100B and maybe something else Idk since the game lets me play sometimes and sometimes it doesn't and time to time each error changes between 2 or 3 of them. And also the big ass wall of text is meant to explain everything and is a message to the devs and other players not just for a joke.

  • 0xE019100B is for suspicious programs; VPNs or virusses can trigger this
    These programs may trigger this error:
    [spoiler]Avast Anti-Virus, BitDefender, AVG, or Avira
    LogiTech Gaming Software - these are expressively inclusive to those that have macro's/auto click/multi-key settings/auto hot key, etc.
    MSI Afterburner
    Setpoint mouse software
    Daemon Tools (any virtual drive, really)
    NVIDIA Interfaces
    Browser Extensions and Toolbars (Plug-Ins) - Any of them. If you're going to run the game, you may have to manually disable any extensions and toolbars on all of your browsers, if you are using them, though it wouldn't hurt to try disabling them when you're not using them. Google Hangouts sometimes causes the error.
    Team Viewer
    Most Macro, Auto Hot Key, and Auto Click programs.
    EVGA Precision
    Net Limiter
    Any malware/trojans on your computer (even if you don't know that they're there) can cause it.
    Any Program that causes an overlay (ex. Curse/Mumble)
    Google Drive
    Some VPN's
    Sometimes Skype
    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Steelseries Engine 3 (mouse software)
    Wacom Tablet Helpers[/spoiler]

    0xE019100A shows up when two instances of xigncode is running
    0xE019100B shows up when there's an illegal third party program running on the background

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