Goldsellers and Network Interference Device/Frequency Jammer

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I think if EME will increase level cap on those from 1 to 40 or 50, it will heavily decrease the spam from goldsellers.
It's extremely annoying these days, especially when you record a video or stream.

Shouldn't affect the legit players that much, especially with Fatique removed.


  • MuonMuon Member
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    Or make it unlockable through series of quests to make it more daunting. Also censor the site 1 time to see how the gold seller would react then censor again until the site could no longer be readable.

  • Underrated toast ^

  • This has been going on for too long, why is Eme doing nothing?

  • @a9Tails said:
    This has been going on for too long, why is Eme doing nothing?

    You mean not banning bots? Cuz they do ban those...

  • Lexy6Lexy6 Member

    well with trade limit and 30 minutes of BM interval even if the sellers have the credits it would be difficult for them to actually sell it

  • ElDesuElDesu Member

    oh making there be a lvl limit would be a good idea, most bots in games I have played are always low lvl

  • HimeHime Member

    This has been suggested to Naddic about a week or two ago. So, hopefully the feedback goes through successfully.

  • Yup. Either of these solutions work.

  • They even try to change their spelling, like we wouldn't see it lol.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Yeah like Hime said we suggested higher level limit on megaphones. I feel bad for content creators making videos or streaming and all people see are bots advertising that. Two weeks in counting now :\

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