Who are you planning to main? (and some questions for the staff members)

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ok, there's 1 more question I wanna ask every1, but the title ended up becoming too long LOL

I'll start of with 2 questions for every1:

  1. Have you been playing Closers before?
    for me so have I been playing Closers before (some ppl here might recognize me cuz of my name) and i'm glad to help the ones that have never played Closers before

  2. Who are you planning to main?
    in my case, i'm planning on maining Nata (he's my main in the other server too), since I love his personality, dual-wielding swords (imo, Kukiri counts) and his evasive play is exactly like the style I prefer. once EME officially launches Closers so will I take a break from Closers (just like how i'm taking a break from Kritika till Eclair this October) till EME adds Nata

and now for a few nitpick questions to the staff:

  1. regarding the name changes (Seulbi > Sylvia), I read the reasoning behind that but I still doesn't feel comfortable with that, since i'm aware of the habit you guys got with changing names (like you guys did with the future classes at Kritika), but how many name changes are you guys planning? main reason for asking is cuz it can ruin the setting, since Closers takes place at Seoul, so their original names actually makes more sense than western names.

  2. regarding voices, will you guys do like you did with Kritika and only enable english voices as default and if we want KR/JP so must we add it in manually or will you guys add an option for us to change the voice via options?



    1. all official servers, but mainly on JP
    2. Seha
    1. CN server
    2. For now J later i will main Violet like i do in on the CN server maybe Wolfgang
    1. CN server
    2. On release it will probably be Yuri, then Harpy and Violet when they will be released <3
  • Yep, KR Server
    Obviously Seulbi/Sylvi

    1. Yeah. Played KR for awhile. Only stopped playing few months ago.
    2. 2.Misteltein and eventually Violet/Wolfgang.
    1. Played for a few months, I want to support this server now that it's finally here~
    2. Seulbi, because I find her play style very fun and enjoyable! Interested in learning Seha and Harpy properly too.
    1. Played all servers.
    2. Seulbi, as she's my favorite.
    1. I play Closers KR.
    2. Seulbi and Yuri as their playstyles are very fun.
  • RyxaRyxa Member
    1. Multiple
    2. Seulbi
  • 1: hi im new
    2: seha senzu bean

    1. I used to play on JP but left at one point due to college. Also have been waiting for this server for like 123897 years and I'm glad it's finally here aaaaa
    2. I love Seha (he was my main back then) and I'm also looking forward to Levia~ <3
    1. Been playing KR ever since it went OBT.

    2. Lovely Levia~.

    1. Code:Closers
    2. Seulbi, or Sylvi. She's the only character that I love to play as my main♥
  • EmulEmul Member
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    Played Kr since beta. Quit right before Nata and Wolfdogs came out since my graphics card and ISP couldn't handle it at that point so I guess its a perfect point where NA is continuing for me.

    Favorites were Seha, Seulbi, and J.

  • SoulEchelonSoulEchelon Member
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    Never played.
    All the characters look pretty fun. In games like these I tend to have a case of Alt-itis, so I doubt I'll have a true main. But the first character I'll probably play is Yuri for very obvious reasons.....

    That tooth. She's adorable.

    1. KR server and Unofficial (tho i stopped playing for a bit so i might be a little rusty)
    2. Seha first then Nata later
    1. KR server
    2. Yuri, she's the only one that clicked with me. Though some of the new editions to Wolfdog interest me too, haven't played them yet so I can't say!
    1. Pretty much all of them mainly KR tho, besides IND and the Train wreck PS.
      2.Mostly Seha, and Nata as a side main not sure on others, yet
  • JochiraJochira Member
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    @Fashionistas said:
    1. Code:Closers
    2. Seulbi, or Sylvi. She's the only character that I love to play as my main♥

    I knew it was you, Barbieq, but wasn't 100% sure XD

    1. Yes I have. I've played on KR and enjoyed my time there.
    2. I'll probably start by maining Seulbi and when Tina comes out I'll main her for she is my beautiful child who I adore.
  • Y0naY0na Member
    1. KR Server
    2. Seulbi, Tina, Violet and Levia.
  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council


    1. New to Closers
    2. Maybe Misteltein or J, both seems kinda fun and able to fit on my playstyle.
    1. I've played KR Closers
    2. Seulbi! Or Sylvi, Tina and Violet afterwards, i hope they bring the splendor of darkness sets for them first than the cyber, i like its animation.
    1. JP Closers & the Unofficial Closers. I stopped for quite a while but I'm feeling very certain on returning now that there's finally a NA server.
    2. Seulbi/Sylvi absolutely! Her playstyle and character has been my favorite so far.
  • RyziRyzi Member
    1. Code:Closers
    2. Yuri for now and then probably Tina when she comes
    1. Yup, tho on Code. To understand at least something from the story -_-
    2. Yuri/Mistel before Levia or Tina, just to play Wolfgang when he comes out <3
    1. Never played.
    2. J, Nata, and that 11th dude.
    1. All server
    2. Tina and Seha
  • chinoiseriechinoiserie Member
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    1. Never but like I kept a close eye on NA news and kr videos!
    2. Okay like probably Yuri? or who knows I need to test them all! Looks like a lotta Seulbis, too
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