Nerf Misteltein

I fought this Mistletein who I personally think was cheating/scripting he killed me within 10 seconds even though i used my cancel and my combos werent working on him. His name was Cowshu. And the one time I actually started to hit a combo he used cancel and killed me instantly and he only had +12 and this is before SA. PLZ NERF MISTEL


  • I fought the same misteltein again as my main seha wiht +13 and i couldnt even touch the ground and predicted where i would go over and over again after my cancels and spacebars

  • PrincessChenPrincessChen Member
    edited July 2018

    Maybe the tein was just good though? I mean high level pvp on this game is scary. Have you seen Mytyl? He's terrifyingly good at Tein xD

  • jk hes trash

  • yOhfLyyOhfLy Member

    tein has good damage on pvp especially his fm. even tho you have full hp bar he can kill you once he catch you after using your cancel.

  • Lexy6Lexy6 Member

    just practice and get gud okay,having simply a good gear will not guaranted you a win in a cls pvp match

  • Cowshu not repspected if he loses to a +7 level50 sylvi

  • i would delete that nickname. thats an awful abbreviation!

  • @HibikiTachibana said:
    i would delete that nickname. thats an awful abbreviation!

    About what abbreviation are you talking about?

  • NayzNayz Member

    does someone know if he hes straming or has a yt channel?

  • Welcome to Closers

    Enjoy your stay

  • Here is cowshus Twitch if u want to watch 3rd best mistel NA

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