Sylvi hates cats?

PS: Psychic Satellite is the skill.


  • Should've been a cow instead

  • Call PETA

  • It's the same cat from the cat desk crew buff, they're a team don't worry

  • im pretty sure tornadoes / cyclones don't discriminate on what they pick up


  • YoburiYoburi Member
    edited July 2018

    She also hates the public transportation on Korea.

  • ElfgahrElfgahr Member
    edited July 2018

    Wasn't there a conversation in planar about her being allergic to cats?

  • and satellite spying on her privacy.

  • and seha's gaming console.

  • Shopping carts, roadblocks she hates everything

  • @Natorious said:
    Shopping carts, roadblocks she hates everything

    It's breaking UNION regulation, that's why.

  • In a perfect world, we would be able to mod the textures of the objects in the game. I would want a Sylvie tornado with all debris textures replaced with Tinas in T-Poses

  • I thought I read somewhere in one of her dialogs that she was allergic to cats.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaat she hates cats? OH that skill, yeah it's so sad and funny the MEOOOOOW while it's flying around and it does DAMAGE too must be a phase force super charged kitty of DOOOOM~ hehe :love:

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