Replace the buff for housing?

Leveling housing in the past gave you more account fatigue. Since fatigue has been removed from the game, will this text just be removed or will we get a new housing buff as compensation? It would be nice if we received a new buff for housing levels. *


  • I'd like a little buffy from my housing levels. Any ideas what kind of bonus it could provide?

  • the buff could reduce the farm / exploration time and give some XP / Drop little help.

  • That or buff droprate based on housing level. .- .-

  • Safest bet is to provide an EXP buff, as it fits with the idea of account fatigue (leveling alts). Probably useless for a lot of players who already maxed out their teamwork buffs; but honestly so was the account fatigue for anybody who didn't play this game like a job.

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