[NA] Noire | Lv.8 | Friendly Crew



  • Is there any space to join?
    IGN: HikariK, TsuruHimeko
    Discord: Hikari-Chan#5617

  • VaieoVaieo Member

    Hey, I am hoping to join Noire
    IGN: Vaieo
    Discord: Vaieo#8547

  • Hello, I would be interested in joining Noire! ^^ I have talked to Bunny on discord and with how kind and awesome the crew seems, it would be awesome to join. I've been playing since around the beginning of Open Beta, and interested in all aspects of Closers. Playing is very fun, and would be even more fun with your crew!

    My IGN Account: Illusory
    Discord: Illusory#7891

    Thank you so much! ^_^

  • Hello all, I am looking forward to join crew.
    My account name: DMTraveler
    Discord : DMTraveler#6344

  • SmartySmarty Member


  • HimeHime Member

    The more people the merrier ~

  • NRJDNRJD Member

    henlo i come to apply for noire Cx pls lemme join bb's i cum in peaceee me code name is JDCR

  • YumeliciousYumelicious Member
    edited July 2018

    Looking forward to making friends with everyone here ~ <3
    Character: Cyber
    Discord: Tea#1391

  • Hello all, I am looking forward to join crew.
    My account name: kodomopantsu
    Discord : Kodo#6974

  • Hello, I'd like to be apart of your crew.
    Account name is : Snow
    Discord : Snow#9928

  • HimeHime Member

    We're currently full at the moment (with a lot of people interested oof ;;;). At the time it's very hard to make enough space for those wanting to join, but when we have room we'll post in here!

  • Is it full if not could i join

    IGN:Kunomai disc:eXaLTeD#9915

  • Wow there's a lot of ppl wanting to join Noire u have extendeded a lot keep up the good work !

  • Hello! I know you guys are probably still full but if there's a waiting list of some sort I'd love to have a spot.

    IGN: AzazeI (capital i) lvl 77 J
    Discord: Marie#1801 (this is the best way to contact me)

    I'm very active as I play every day. I've been having trouble finding a crew that I like so I wanted to try this one since I've heard positive things about it. :smile:
    I understand if you guys aren't recruiting atm, but I appreciate any consideration. Thank you!

  • P0ckiP0cki Member

    Hello, not sure if there is any spots or even a wait list atm.. But my friend and I would like to join the crew!!!

    IGN: Mysticai & Henesys //// Account names: Ancienttt & Ancient ~

    My discord is kur0#1960

  • Hello, I'm interested to join the crew!

    Here's my Discord and IGNS!

    Discord; LadyAnn#6006
    IGN; SeolHee

  • Noire is best Crew <3

  • Account name: Yushiya
    In Game: Yushiya/Vanilla
    Discord: Yushiya#6271

    Hi, im Violet main since 12/22/2015, i was KR nexon player but now im here thanks to En Masse ( since Alpha ). I would like to join Noire, since i really love Neptunia Franschise and Lastation is the best nation. I know some people from this Crew and i would like to play with them and help those in need!

  • Kouyukie31Kouyukie31 Member
    edited July 2018

    Would like to join the crew and devote my life as a stepstool to our Goddess.

    IGN: Mochikun(Meiyo, TheMoistTrap)
    Discord: Mochikun#9698

    I'm a degenerate weab looking for a family to do runs with and to rid the world of eggplants.

  • Hello. I heard about this crew from one of my great friend GentleRain who's in this crew. After hearing from him, I have suddenly become interested in joining the crew. If there's a spot available, would I be able to join the crew? Here is my account name and discord ID #:

    Account Name: popvoid
    Discord #: #6183

  • Account Name:Emolate
    In Game Name(s):Emofake (nata) the others are alts for dailies
    Something interesting about yourself:I like to watch anime( like the rest of us), Im still new to closers but i really enjoy the grind(trying to pass my friend snacks in tcp).Im super chill but i dont want to get super personal on here. :D

  • Account Name: YunFuuma
    In Game Name(s): YunFuuma
    Discord: Prishe#5323
    Something interesting about yourself: I have over 120 days of watched anime on MAL.(save me)

  • hi, i'm a new player and i'm looking for a crew. i hope you guys consider me.

  • Account Name: Zerodark
    In Game Name(s): Zerodark50, Gv, Elpizo, and seven more
    Discord: Zerodark50#3742
    Something interesting about yourself: I realy like this game, I have more than 1000 hours in this game

  • AkeidaAkeida Member

    the most Gucci and awesome crew <3

  • Hey there i was interested in joining! My Ign is Faillma and discord is Fallma #7355

  • IGN: Gaspy
    Discord: Gasp#6940
    Hello, looking forward to possibly joining. I'm good friends with Rikku and Mystline

  • <3:p

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Noire and Uni !!! >o<

  • Account Name: DarklingZeta
    IGN: Ryula
    Discord: DarklingZeta #1968
    Current Member of Heaven looking to move to an active crew, hoping to move 4-6 of our active members. All very active and multi-geared characters lookin to have some people to play with and run some dungeons, raids, and pvp with.

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