Why I love playing Closers so much

Hey. I just wanted to express my feeling towards Closers and why I really like it. Not really much of a discussion piece I suppose, but I wanna put it out there for the hell of it.

Truth be told, I'm not at all into MMOs. Most aspects of that genre just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, and are way too much of a time sink, even for someone like me who has no life; I just prefer more fast-paced action games where you can easily pick up and play. However, I decided to give Closers a try anyway because it's cast of characters and style appealed to me. And here I am now, over 600 hours since open beta and eagerly waiting for the next update.

You could easily say that the gameplay and simplistic story progression makes me lean towards liking the game more, and that's true, I find the gameplay very fun and addictive. Even when you're just out killing easy mobs, I like trying to chain all my combos together for one big skill chain and killing in the quickest way possible. It offers a lot of mechanical strategy that constantly keep the game fun and engaging. Same goes for more difficult raid bosses like Tiamat.

But yeah, the main thing that keeps me hooked on the game is honestly the story and characters. I assume that people who play these kinds of games care very little for lore and whatnot but I think that Closers has a fantastic premise and setup that makes for a memorable and likable cast of characters. I also find it a lot more creative than most other anime games that have a simple fantasy-type of setting (Granted I like modern/futuristic themes and dislike fantasy, but still). I also find the story very engaging too with lots of interesting events and twists. I expected none of this from a low profile (at least in the west) F2P game, but to my surprise it's as good as it is. There are times where you do quests that have nothing to do with anything and is just killing enemies, but for the most part the quests are an impactful part of the story and have great attention to detail in most circumstances (Like how Susan gets her memories back in the planar gate while playing as a wolf dog) The characters are truly what make the game for me though, this game could've easily had generic classes with no bios or voices or anything and you customize them how you like, but here we have clearly defined characters with varied personalities. My favorite aspects in video games are character customization and enjoyable characters in general, and here, everyone has their own dialog and thus you see their own thoughts on the same situation, and you'll learn something new about them in random places in the story and I think that's a fantastic motivation to play other character's stories. Great designs and voice actors as well in my opinion. I think having a character you play as that you really like increases your overall enjoyment by a fair amount. Infact, my favorite thing to do is customize my favorites in different outfits, and is what I spend the majority of my IRL money and in-game credits on. Why not dress up someone you're a fan of? It also helps grow the community as well with things like fanart and having deeper discussions about them and the overall story. For me, my favorite is Sylvi cause I admire her taking up the role of being the Black Lambs leader even though she doesn't think she's suited for such. She does it for her teammates and that makes her very admirable and shows her nice and caring personality; I also like it when her more nerdy side is shown with her TV dramas and jumps on the chance to watch some with her friends. Also has got my favorite design out of all the character cause she's so damn adorable. Tina is a close second; I think she has the best solo story out of all the characters and seeing her whole arc really feels like she's changed a lot from the beginning and her whole situation with having the brain of a previous human is very interesting and I love how it develops. Very cute design too.

So yeah, I guess thats all I had to say about it. Sorry if it was just a jumbled mess of words but I wanted to express what I think it a very overlooked aspect of Closers because without it's great setting and cast, I don't think I'd still be playing the game today.


  • Same here <3

  • Goddamn, my comment got deleted. Alright, here goes second take.

    I love Closers story as well, but from a different angle. The main casts are actually pretty generic for an MMO, but what I love is the sheer amount of world building involved. Let's recount SS1: it's a story of how Ash and Dust carried out their plan to kill Astaroth, Astaroth carried out a plan of his own to attack the human world, UNION also chipped in for Hecatoncheir's body to use as a super weapon, Shia also had a hand in it just to destroy Vulture, and finally ***** plan to take advantage of the chaos to get into UNION's good grace for the data, and how ALL of that ties together. Yes, that's what you can get from the deceptively simple dialogue, and while Closers is no mystery novel where enough clues are given for the larger twists, I consider this a really damn good effort for an MMO.

  • i love closers because of tina, so in the future i will buy a tina pet and i will make them dance for eternity.

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