Phase Fiber ?!


Can someone tell me where I can do some mission or craft/transfer other items into Phase Fiber? 1 costume for 2 Fibers feels very weird.

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    What they said above. Usually you don't salvage accessory drops at 1* which it looks like you did since you said 2 fibers. Most people gain phase fiber through other means and then upgrade those accessories to 2* before salvaging it since that gives 30 greater ones which you can then use to upgrade 2* costumes to 3* if you need a list of how many fibers you get from salvaging.
    Also hall of dragons gives 2 regular fibers once you pass... I think it's round 2?
    As for the day of doppelganger, it's Thursday (2 nights ago)


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    • 1 of the Doppel, don't remember which day
    • Tiamat sides
    • Salvage costumes (that aren't accessories)
  • ^Raids also drop fibers, quest will give you fibers some boxes will give you fiber events

  • Doing 1vs1 and 3vs3 on their pvp hours for the daily reward boxes and crew dungeons also give fiber.

  • I don't do PvP and never will. My eyes are too crappy for that.

  • You get the boxes even if you lose, only participation matters.

  • So ?
    I dont do it, simple as that

  • Never said you should, just giving options.

  • hall of dragon rewards you with 2 phase fibers for beating the 4th stage I believe.

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