[NA] Absolution | Lvl 1 | Friendly and Hardcore Crew


  • iHammiiHammi Member

    Update: Crew has leveled up to 2! We're able to receive some donation and a hangout for now! Oh, we're also doin' 3v3, too! Hope you come! <3 -Hammi

  • iHammiiHammi Member


  • We're now Lv 3! Yeeeeee

  • iHammiiHammi Member

    Update: Crew has leveled up to 3! Yaaaay~! <3 Hope y'all come~! :3

  • YeogYeog Member

    IGN: Pegui
    Discord: Yeog#9789
    Timezone: ...uhm i think EDT? ( too lazy to open another tab )

  • Lv. 4 now! With only 5 free slots to join! /o/

  • iHammiiHammi Member

    Rawr~! But wait! It's kinda full, now. x_x;;;;; Unfortunately, the crew exp haven't changed, due to fatigue system got removed. We only know one way, it is that 3v3 can give crew exp. X: Sooo, we will have to wait to see if EmE can fix it.

    I hope y'all understand! -Hammi*

  • iHammiiHammi Member

    Hiii~! The Crew Exp system is now workin'! We'll continue levelin' the crew up for y'all to join! :3 Thank you for waitin'~!


  • Got any free spots? :)

    IGN: SqueakyLulu

    Discord: TeaCupYuri#9571

  • Yes, we do! 4 spot left. And now we're Lv. 5 with crew buffs finally /o/

  • YAY763YLTAYAY763YLTA Member
    edited July 2018

    if there's a free spot left then can I join
    IGN: BlackRabit
    Discord: LordAbyss
    time zone: UTC -6

  • Hello, I just got back into the game and am looking for a hardcore crew. If you guys have a slot, I'd like to join! My info is below:
    IGN: Adorable
    Discord: Dex#1728
    Time Zone: PST

  • Crew is now level 6! We have 7 more free spots! :3

  • Hi there, I posted a few weeks ago about joining your crew.

    Am I still able to join your crew now since there are available slots?

    IGN: SqueakyLulu

    Discord: TeaCupYuri#9571

  • Hello, I'm interested in joining!
    IGN: Einnecy
    Discord: Kyu#1430
    time zone: GMT+2

  • Hi! Am interested to join a fun guild instead of playing solo now!
    IGN: DracheKyluan
    Discord: Lacrolyte#1907
    Time Zone: GMT+8

  • I'd like to join the crew. Any spots left?
    IGN: GardAffix
    Discord: GardAffix#5133

  • synzsynz Member

    IGN SynfullFlame
    Synfull #1736
    TimeZone UTC -5 Aka CST
    I already requested in gamee as well

  • We're finally Lv 8!!! More room to join, for now B)

  • Since we're filling up fast, please apply through this form https://goo.gl/forms/Oow8Uh5yYu5Bjt023
    Thank you!

  • Hi is there any room left ?

  • IGN: Hsaeren
    Discord: Hsuyuuu#4166

  • IGN: Nightwalker
    Discord: Aletria#2929
    Time Zone: NZST / UTC +12

    just recently left my previous crew that was inactive so gotta wait a day

  • IGN: Aixa
    Discord: Scrangos #2136
    Timezone: UTC -4

    I left a google app a few hours ago! I wasnt sure if I should post here too.

  • IGN: MsAkainu

  • Looking for fun people who are trash at pvp like me and can progress through the game with me cuz getting carried isn't as fun!
    IGN: Elysian
    Discord: Road2IronRiven#0821
    time zone: Est

  • srry for bad english I join pls.


  • I was filling out the application and I’m not sure to comment my ign etc here again so yeah here I am.

    IGN: ElevenYan

    Discord: MingiYan#9048

    time Zone: CET

  • iHammiiHammi Member

    Omg. Can we go to this link?

    Absolution Level 8

    Because this forum page is pretty much old, since it was level 1. But right now, I am currently recruitin' new members and such! Please, go to that link and apply the application!

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