Give us a way to hide certain pets from appearing in exploration list

Or even better, make a favorite list for each exploration zone so less time spent on scrolling to look for specific pet.


  • This. I got 10 characters and scrolling over dozens of pets is a chore. I'm thinking if it's possible to segregate the pets by character or by having a "favorite" function just like in Pet.

  • HadasyHadasy Member

    This would be great, don't need to scroll past all the Scavengers and Kryzaloids I never use.
    Having pets that were marked as Favorite in the pet window appear at the top of the list would be a big step forward already.

  • KR version have the "favorite" function.

  • So this favorite function keeps record of the pets and characters you'll use on exploration but does not hide or rearrange the order of pets listed?

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