Sylvi walking in place/animation bug

(The bug report page isn't loading and seems to be dead right now so I'll just post it here)

I've seen this happen to every Sylvi I came across. She always does a repeated animation when running or being idle, and will stick in the last animation she did. This doesn't happen when she performs her sector entry animation or using any skill. She essentially can't do her idle animation. Kind of a big deal; this should be fixed ASAP.

Emotes also won't activate at all unless it's the dark command throne or cybernetic charge; even then, Sylvi will still do the animation she's stuck in.

Here's an imgur album:


  • According to what I've heard, it only happens when Sylvi's are using a set idle animation. If they use the default apparently she walks fine. Knowing EME though they probably won't fix it until the next patch unless they think it's that big of an issue.

  • Try to tell about it on the stream today. And send a support ticket, when it's came possible. Also, next patch is 3 weeks xD

  • Update: Here's a recording of the bug itself:

  • Welp looks like it got fixed now. Good on you EME for not waiting till the next update.

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