So no guides yet on how to actually beat Yod?

Cuz fuc kthat fight, its so unclear what your suppose to be doing.


  • Pro tip: hit the boss until it dies

  • If you stand on the marked ground after he attacks you get a debuff for reduced damage. He will momentarilly stop before casting his aoe. The "summons" periodically attack with the same patterns (aoe circle->horizontal+horizontal/vertical wave). Depending what he says you'll get the "rain bombs" that you can avoid just running in circles around the stage border, the giganting bomb that explodes after some seconds or the wall attack. The wall attack first spins in one direction, then the oposite, then there are more of them and spin a little faster. On the last phase he pushes you away at regular intervals, after the circle is filled with lights he instakills you, and you only need to damage him until he dies.

    What is so confusing about him? i soloed him for the first time today without knowing anything about the fight, the first time i struggled and learned all his attacks, on the second time i could easily kill him with plenty of spare ress. It took quite some time to do it tho since i don't do that much damage, but that's all i needed to learn him.


    @4H369JHMTR said:
    Pro tip: hit the boss until it dies

    ^This actually works.

  • I have about 25k physical/psi power and avg. item of lvl 105 (no purification gear) on my Yuri. It took me about 30 minutes to solo level 5 Yod. It was my first run and I used all of the revives. I just kept attacking Yod while learning which attacks to avoid. There are indicators for all of the attacks you should avoid.

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    The mechanics really do matter, even for fully geared characters (before Puri gear). The positive side is almost all attacks have very clear indicators and are quite easy to avoid when you know about them. The final phase is the only dps check, so spend a few runs just whittling him down slowly while getting familiar with the mechanics.

    First phase is pretty straight forward. Debuffs if you get hit, as stated before. He'll keep doing this in phase 2.

    Second phase.
    Red arrow marker: Keep moving. Walking is enough to avoid them. The eyes take a while to explode, so make sure you don't lock yourself/your team in.
    When the entire floor glows red, stay close to him, or have super armor on to avoid getting knocked back into the edge of the arena (instant death).
    Plenty of dps time when there's just 1 rotating wall, best you just run when the 3rd wave comes though.
    Pretty much all Halpas, Tindalos and Yod's attacks have marks on the ground to show where they'll hit.
    The ones that track you always have a few seconds delay before damage comes in, iframe or damage reduction skills. These shouldn't be enough to kill you.

    Last phase.
    Yod becomes a punchbag and you get a Doom countdown. When the circle of red orbs is complete, Yod will instantly kill you after a 4-5 seconds delay. This goes through iframes, but you can Perfect Dodge it, the timing for this is hard to grasp since the attack has no indicators.
    When the yellow circle fills up, you get knocked back. The damage is minimal, but it interrupts your dps. You can avoid this one with iframes.

  • Harpas and Tindalos do true dmg

    Also combat dodging in the multi firewall is good to keep up your dps if you're confident and wanna look cool :^) even if you're soloing

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    Or use his speeches to predict his strong moves.

    Fall - Will push you off to the edge and will insta kill you if you hit the wall. This push goes through invincibility. The only way I can survive through this is using cancel right away after it hits me so i wont hit the wall.

    Die alone - Youll have a mark over your head similar in Tiamat area. Then 2-3secs later, dark spheres will constantly fall on your head that will knock you down if youre are hit. The place where those spheres fall into will have sudden death explosions afterwards. You can just walk to avoid those spheres. 4 man party have to separate and take opposing sides of each other.

    The sky is falling - Similar to fall but Halphas and Tindalos will be there also?

    Im watching you - Some will have a mark over their head and after that a red like black hole will appear to the one who have a mark. If you have a mark better to go at the edge quickly so you can fight Yod with a bigger space.

    Wailing - I think this one is to call Tindalos and Halphas.

    Tindalos - Will attack from north to south or east to west.

    Halphas - Charge at you or hover over your head then he will fall.

    The last phase where Yod becomes immobile, he will build up circles surrounding him over time, after completed he will perform a sudden death dark flash. Can be dodge, maybe 5 secs after those circles are completed.

  • @Muon When he pushes you to the walls, you can also use dodge instead of iframing it. Assuming you don't use it too early, you save your FC cooldown; and if it doesn't work out, that's what FC is there for :smile:
    Also for the watching gimmick, after a short delay the AOE stays in place, so you don't have to worry about it following you. Doesn't actually do anything until the inner circle reaches the outer circle as well, but you should be careful of phase change during this time.

  • i hate how much damage Harpas does when he hits you in that fight... ive seen him eat 90% of my health in one hit.

  • From what I heard, Halpas hits for true damage in this fight. I've never paid attention though, too busy trying to not get hit lol

  • @Muon @Lihzakivi You two are making it harder than it has to be for that part lol. Just hug the middle when he says fall or the sky is falling. His knock back would only push you about half way at most if you're hugging the middle.

  • Ic, ill try that on next reset. Dodge and cancel are still the last resorts if you fail to run in the middle. Sometimes he will spam "fall" right after he uses "die alone", so there are still left over "die alone" spheres that is about to explode in the middle or Halphas is chasing you/Tindalos spamming in the middle which leaves you far from the middle, so dodge if possible then cancel as last resort in this scenario.

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