Endgame gear Violet

Hello together I would like to know which gear and which parts I need for the endgame

Character: Violet

Thank you :)


  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-PV4ASR9u8rMn7-6ctiUBw2R4-tZ0cJsqi6D-AbueK8/edit
    Short answer, everyone wants to purification gear which consists of the only core you can actually use (you'll know it when you get it), 3 mods from the purification bosses (reference the above links for which ones are recommended for Violet), and all of the craftable trinkets in the purification zone's mattermixer. Everything you need comes from that bosses of the zone. You need lvl 80 to even start this so if you haven't gotten there, that's your first step. Item level is important too, so aim for at least an average item level of 95 to help you get started (the david/irina gear will help with that)

  • Yod modules the one core that drops in puri and all trinkets you craft in puri either david receiver and stage 56 receiver for now until nictoris

  • Valkyrie Drode Fuse/Condenser from Yod's Domain Level 5-6
    Weapon from All Bosses Level 1-6 Drops
    Gamma Module From All map Level 5-6 which is good for violet because the +3 Skill level. (Pvp /Pve)
    Then all Tinket from the crafting: 3/3 Tindalos, 2/2 Harpas, and 1 Yod's Tinket (Don't discard or throw away Extreme Tinket, New Puri Patch gonna combine all 6 Tinket into 3 Tinket which u still using the Extreme 3/3 Tinket.)

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