Roadmap October - December missing Luna Special Agent?

So I checked a Luna gameplay and got interested in her. I looked up the roadmap to see what we are missing to somehow have a timeframe of when she comes to us.
Then i saw that Luna Special Agent isnt in the Roadmap but Soma and Wolfgang are.

Does that now mean that Luna comes last and Soma is next so that we have another wrong order of release?

Sorry if this already got answered in another thread but i couldn't find sth about that.


  • Probably. And in this server there is no "wrong" order of release considering EME has the pull to release chars "out of order" it sucks I know.

  • road map is just a overview, there isn't a direct order hidden in it what they will release also enmasse did the road map long time age where they were probably unaware of luna or soma or whatever order people want them

  • Considering they didn't feign ignorance when Bai was mentioned, it's not that they're unaware of the characters.
    The roadmap is just a general guideline though, since we did get the Purification ops before October. Not listing a Special Agent promotion for a new character would be a pretty glaring oversight though, so we may indeed get Soma first.

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