News On Beta! (Post EME Stream)

There is still none officially! However they did say they will have more concrete news next week, along with releasing the TERRIBLE WEEKLY STAMINA SYSTEM INFORMATION. Yes I'm taking a hardline stance on this topic especially considering I am #removestamsystem in the first place.


  • Weekly stamina? As in Stamina for the whole week and once its gone, you have to wait?

  • Yes. The stamina system we have now with an increase to compensate for weekly timed reset. As in once it's gone for the week, wait the rest of the week.

  • Okay thanks for the info guys, I hope this will work out ;w;

  • Ok but what about daily reset like dungeons if i want to grind Tiamat 4 times a day and waste all my week stamina it pretty much fucks my title and gear grind they MUST put a daily reset too.

  • I mean, if they throw in a daily craft-able stamina potion, the weekly stamina thing could work out, sorta...? maybe? but ehhh =-=;; I'm going to withhold judgment until I actually see it in action.

  • any eta on next beta? ty

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