Two major issues I have with Closers

Game is great and all but there are two things I simply cannot live with that's been bugging me...
1. There's literally ZERO good Tindalos r34 material despite her being one with such cough outstanding cough lips and body. On top of that it pains me greatly I lack the skills to create such art that could satisfy the desires of many.
2. WHY IS WOLFGANG SO DAMN HANDSOME?!? There needs to be done something about it. Everytime I happen to be with one in party I begin to think how things would go with him if I were of a different orientation.


  • They're pixels. And your forum name suits you.

  • Not quite what I was expecting when I clicked this title.
    Your concerns are definitely valid.
    But I believe point 1 is simply a matter of time (rule 35 says so), and point 2 is as it should be.

    1. i'm gonna alternate your point a bit: I wish there was more art of character such as Shawn or enemies such as Astaroth and Tinda, not r34 just general art.
      Although I would like more r34 Wg because a few shirtless pics just ain't cutting it for me, will be honest there.
    2. Wolfgang's good looks are illegal, but I disagree with anything being done about it!
  • @hornywatermelon

    Hey OP here's your rule 34 of Tindalos

  • thats why i main wg because his so handsome any hot chicks want her banana so i will crash there watermellons.

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    ^mfw reading OP^

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