Soma Premium Starter Pack

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VISUAL SLOT Ticket Full Set ×1
Soma Han High School-Look 6x Sets (2-Star) ×1
Soma School Uniform Additional Top (2-Star) ×1
Soma School Uniform Additional Shoes (2-Star) ×1
School Uniform Accessories Set (2-Star) ×1
Elite Status Voucher (30-Day) ×1
Fast Dual Recovery Capsule ×100
Resurrection Capsule ×50
Phase Stabilizer ×50
Luck Stabilizer ×100
Victory Talisman (1-Day) Box ×3
Midnight Phase Wings (3-Star, 30-Day, AAA Tuning) ×1

Anyone else really disappointed with this? Instead of the Icon set this gave with new closers it just has a complete visual slot ticket set, that doesn't seem worth it in the slightest.


  • Did Soma ever have an Icon set?

  • NueNue Member

    @Orenglaive said:
    Did Soma ever have an Icon set?

    I'm not sure, but if she doesn't, they could have just added in an alt color from some other set to make it have the same desirability as the ivory icon

  • As far as I'm aware, Soma doesn't have an Icon set, thus making it impossible. I'm personally fine w/ it, I actually prefer that vs the Icon set. Granted, I'm someone who prefers fashion and I'll take what I can get.

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    Slightly unrelated, but does anyone know what the additional top and shoes look like? If I don't like them I'll just get the character starter pack now and save it for soma.

  • Looks like this
    The additional top and shoes being on the bottom.

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