Can you connect to the game?



  • still a no good for me today

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    Sometimes I can login after countless "failed to connects" but after going to any dungeons/sectors, the game will say "Failed to connect to server."

    I tried restarting and restarting, but nothing.

  • try use your mobile data for hotspot like verizon

  • I contacted support and they just replied now, I'll update when they reply back again. Still says failed to connect

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    runned the diagnostic tool and
    this is the only failure i saw over at the diagnostic log
    DNS: OK

    and the closest thing i can do to the game lol

  • Same problem that i have. But the thing is i can play the game before the update on steam

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    Many people are having this issue. I would not recommend anyone to VPN. It lead to Authentication Failure

  • we should send a support ticket so that they will take action of the problem.

  • I have another problem since last update, every time when i try log in game or site - game asking verification code from my mail... that's really annoying.

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    @CKYF59RAKX said:
    - game asking verification code from my mail...

    Yeah. It is also happening to me.

    I got the "Timeout waiting for window to load" once too, but all I had to do was to retry opening the launcher and that was it. I am curious to know what could've happened.

    Interesting fact, is that all my friends from Philippines are the ones who are more aggravated by this, SPECIFICALLY them. Me personally can play with no problems...

  • I am from the philippines and this problem sucks. I can play other games perfectly. And my internet is not that bad. I already contacted en masse and they replied to me saying that i need to update windows and update the launcher, but the thing is i already did that both before this problem even occured

  • 2nd day of the problem hoping it would work now but the problem is still there

  • When opening the game from the eme launcher the game made me repair and was stuck at 50%

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    Gonna copy & paste this here from EME's discord:

    If you are still experiencing any recent launcher issues please try the following:

    • Open up your Logs folder which can be found from Program Filesx86 (Unless you saved Closers elsewhere) > Launcher > Closers > Log.

    • Share your results from the EME diagnostic test, which can be found from opening your launcher and selecting 'Run EME Diagnostic' from the dropdown menu.

    • Additionally, run a dxdiag by selecting the Windows Start Key and entering 'dxdiag' in your search bar. In the tool, select Save All Information for an easily shared format.

    • Share any screenshots you have of your error(s) along with all of your logs, EME diagnostic test, and the dxdiag result. Then proceed to send a ticket to under Technical Support. Thank you!

  • My friends are saying that it is now working. Whatever they did, it is fixed.

  • apparently i managed to login back to the game just now

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    It's so random. Without doing anything some players are able to just log back in, but the next day or when they log off it blocks them with that same issue

  • so i'm not the only one experiencing that??........... and also i 've been DCing thanks to Instant Close the game, the time i step in the game it instant DC me or Instant Close the game w/out saying something or leaving this kind of error

  • Haven't played for days now. "Timeout waiting for window to load."

  • This error is still happening to me since October 2018 update. Still getting the "Solid State Networks" error when I try to open the launcher

  • this issue is ongoing for a while now...if i remember then it started showing up ( at least for me) after Luna came out...It was not that bad then (i would crash every now and then but nothing big) after Nitocris update it is unbearable...It can crash while mid Puri boss and the worst part is(the entry get's taken if you get to playing(if it crashes on loading screen the entry is kept)) is kinda annoying that server stability is pretty bad....The game itself is good....The server stability is keeping people out of this game.

  • If you haven't repaired your game please do so. For the "Solid State Networks" error on the launcher there is no official fix for that. However, what has worked for other users is force-closing the launcher and repeatedly try reopening it. You'll have to brute force it.


    The same goes for me. My connection to any EME related ip has crawled down to snail's pace since yesterday. On the other hand, my connection to any other websites is lightning fast. Apparently somewhere in the route, after several hops, my connection goes up to 3200+ ms. There goes the problem. To solve it I use a free VPN to change the routing. Now I can connect on my first try and my connection seems more stable than not using one.

  • I asked some help on Discord yesterday. The solution for the "Solid State Network" error is to open the launcher then when the icon shows on the system tray. Spam your click on it and it will open the launcher successfully. It's a weird fix but it works

  • For the "Solid State Networks" i found closing steam client completly and login again, "fix it"

  • Apparently, this issue is still going on to this very day but all I get is "cannot connect to server" notices. More predominantly on Steam. (Yeah, another Steam client issue. That never gets old with this company and this game specifically.) This was after I finished reinstalling the game. Ran the repair, absolutely useless... ran the diagnostic and it said "you have a weak internet connection" yet I was able to reinstall the game fairly quickly with no issues and update the launcher without issues fairly quickly? If I had as bad of internet as the stupid diagnostic thinks, I wouldn't have been able to so much as download it and update the client all in a single day let alone the couple of hours I actually did everything.

    I have 85 hours on this game. Clearly I've been able to play it in the past with the same internet that I am using today. If I can reach 100% on the now loading screen without issues then I obviously have the internet to connect to the servers and play the game. Unless, for some reason, they closed NA servers down for good. Which - plain as day - isn't the case.

    At this point, I wish En would get their crap together and crack down on fixing everything instead of shoving all these premium things at my face. Your game has a lot more wrong with it than a need for income. Like, actually making it playable.

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