what were your greatest successes?

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I have thought about something and hope that there is not yet such a contribution what were your greatest successes as for example you wanted a +14 weapon but finally got a +15 etc. (Drops are also included).


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    I spent 250 ebs without +13

    nothing greater comes to my mind

    jokes aside got 3 a8 access in a day :)

  • 3 a8 is very good damn

  • got +13s within 7 25 tries on 10 characters :) was my best with crater cores now i am on 2x +12s on puri cores and 2x +13s puri cores rest didnt start puri yet

  • SmexinatorSmexinator Member
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    2 +14s on 60pcs eb2 and 3 phase wings drop (mephisto/crimson rocket/yod overlord).

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    One time, after spending roughly 100 eb2's, on a freshly reset instance of gb4 and eb2 on a +10 item, i forgot to remove the eb2 additive and got a great success from +0 to +3. g r e a t e s t s u c c e s s

  • It's a mixture of getting T3 first try on my Misteltein in one try, or getting two 14s in a single day on my Tein. Ty oh great rngesus.

  • Being able to solo most of the stuff with +12/10 gear without spending a dime on costumes.

  • Getting +13 extreme for my wolfgang for the first time the old fashioned way and it only took 2 tries.

    Also when I was finally able to solo Irina and David with my Harpy without dying once (before puri came)

  • Spending 4 weeks just to get a core to drop for Mistel in Puri, then getting it to tier 3 with no fails in the span of 2 hours lol
    There was also my 2 consecutive +13s on my tier 3 core and module on my Tina

  • Getting around 2-3b in one month and converting my seha's entire DC set in one try

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    Not lewding Anna.

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