LF> A friendly and active crew~

Just started 2 days ago(thank god IGN Booette wasnt taken). I would love to a very friendly and active crew to join! I have not many friends to play with! I'm very active though! And im on discord a lot too so would prefer a crew that uses that. Please message me! Thanks for reading :)


  • EsumEsum Member
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    Want to join Lucid? :]


  • Not sure if we're still allowed to bump these.

    Was gone for a bit due to sudden family issues. Now im back so i need a friendly and active crew please someone take me

  • CrystalIceCrystalIce Member
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    If you still need a crew, mine has some slots.
    Here's some info: ;3
    Crew: WhiteKnights
    Discord: Jessica#4754
    IGN: Zeila

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