what content other than Luna and Bai are not yet in NA?

Sorry if my english is bad.


  • There's alot of stuff, and I mean alot of stuff :neutral: the major thing would be Nitocris, even though we have the new Purification system, meaning we're losing out on alot of materials :angry:
    Other big things are a new area/storyline, WG raid, theater/faction war, Hoffman, etcetc
    We're also behind by like two PNA systems and a new grem area, zenith rare set, the first taskforce promotion veteranus.

    I'm looking forward to the future though, Triggers look OPaf

  • Also there is a ne gacha system,and even more content is being developed

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    3rd phase of purification, WG raid/storyline, Hoffman raid/storyline are the quest content stuff left

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