No core drop

just wow
Its been 22 days or so, since I came back.
About 18-19 days since I started playing Purification on 3 of my Closers and I still dint get a single drop of any core on my Harpy
I have done all bosses entries I could do, except for yesterday did half of them (2/4).

the game has horrible performance. crappy Engine, still using DirectX 9 in this age... its not like you need to go Vulkan, since that would take the devs that made this game probably 10 years or more...
I'm so tired. Seriously now the game trolls me so hard... I'm just tired of it

Yesterday I found out that the vouchers i used for over 30 days of Maid were a scam too. Why would you take away VIP after the time goes below 30 days, thats just ....
Why I am wasting my time typing this.

The game is not worth spending money, in the state as it is now...

I wish I could go on and playing but I'm spent ...


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