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******For SALE !!!!!!******

Levia's 3 STAR Sappire Domestic SET
2 STAR Crimson Desperado SET
2 STAR Midnight Battledress SET
2 STAR Ruby Domestic Skirt
2 STAR Ruby Icon Stockings
2 STAR Onyx Domestic Haircut

Seha's 3 STAR Onyx Domestic Jacket
2 STAR Cerulean Domestic Jacket
2 STAR Domestic Shoes

Sylvi's 2 STAR Ruby Domestic Updo
2 STAR Ruby Icon Gloves

Yuri's 3 STAR Cerulean Domestic Gun&Katana
2 STAR Sappire Domestic Apron
2 STAR Cerulean Domestic Shoes
2 STAR Onyx Domestic Ponytail

J's 2 STAR Ruby Domestic Gloves
2 STAR Cerulean Domestic Gloves
2 STAR Onyx Domestic Knuckles
2 STAR Onyx Icon Trousers
2 STAR Amethyst Icon Shoes

Misteal's 3 STAR Sappire Icon Gloves
2 STAR Urban Battledress Jacket
2 STAR Bearcavenger Labcoat

Nata's 2 STAR Ruby Domestic Haircut
2 STAR Sappire Domestic Haircut
2 STAR Sappire Domestic Gloves
2 STAR Onyx Icon Trousers
2 STAR Ruby Icon Kukris

Harpy's 2 STAR Ruby Domestic Bionic Leg
2 STAR Ruby Domestic Apron
2 STAR Ruby Domestic Shoes
2 STAR Crimson Desperado Bionic Leg
2 STAR Crimson Desperado Gloves

Violet's 2 STAR Ruby Domestic Gloves
2 STAR Onyx Icon Greatsword
2 STAR Ruby Icon Skirt
3 STAR Crimson Desperado Haircut

Tina's 3 STAR Dusty Desperado Jean Short

3 STAR Ruthless Ripjaw of Revenge
2 STAR Steampunk Rebreather
2 STAR Steam Pauldron
Dark Commander Eyeliner
Dark Commander Iris
Dark Commander Wings
Dark Commander Crown


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