How get costumes

Hi all, when we craft costumes, we need fiber (from costumes), and we need one costume of the character and other from any other, app to lvl2 and try to mix, but where and how we can get all of that materials?, actually events give tu us a lot of costumes, should we use that to craft?, in that case we would be unable to keep costumes from events...., or we can get it from the black market. Well, is there other options to get materials?



  • As far as phase fibers and greater phase fibers for upgrading costumes, you can get them from some quests, like doppelganger (I think on thursday?). Accessories drop at the ends of dungeons sometimes too so salvaging, or upgrading THEN salvaging will help you get fibers as well. Some achievement rewards and quest rewards give them too.

    As far as costumes, Bitna's washing machines, the EMP store, you could use the starting costume the game gives you, and events as you've mentioned already.

    And as far as the synchro fibers, Bitna, events, and the EMP store, save those up when you get them.

    If you're trying to get signature costumes, then you'll need to use a synchro fiber first, select the costume for your char, then select another costume of the same rarity, highly recommended you use a 3* rarity for the 75% success rate (2* only hase a 10% success rate). After that, pray to RNGesus that you get the signature costume piece.

    Even after getting all the stuff you need for the above steps, keep gathering more for later so it'll be less stressful the next time around.

  • Mmmm, ty for the recomendations, there is a lot i don't know, some parts sounds to much to EMP, Bitna's washing machines are from EMP?, i only know i get some of it with an item and using the garden, there says the content will change perdiodically, whay would be other ways to get the machine?

  • If you get Elite/Platinum, then you get a washing machine daily.
    If you have maid celine from the EMP store or from events, the extra explorations can give a washing machine.
    Some events let you craft them or give you them as a login reward.
    There's a seed (sometimes EMP store, rarely through events) that lets you grow washing machines, at least 5 at once that you can plant in your garden.
    I might be forgetting other methods but waking up from my nap, that's all I can recall atm.

  • Not sure if this is the right forum for asking but are signature "Accessories" craft-able. I am aware of crafting them for standard pieces such as Hair/chest/legs/feet/hands. But what about the others such as back/cheeks/eyes etc. Or are they only available as Bitna drops from dimensional washing machines?

  • Only from bitna for the most part. You'll have those super rare events where they're craftable, but your best F2P method is to just buy them from the black market from other players.

  • Don't worry those phase fibers be building up quickly. Just a few months of playing and you'll probably get 400 of each stuff.

  • Gotta remember that going the F2P route will ALWAYS take a very long time to gather the materials needed to get those costumes. If you clear the sectors when lvling up the game will hand out quite a few fibers but after that is like Orenglaive said, always check the events craftables they often allow you to craft some fibers too.

    The game does give you the tools to do costumes 100% free but it will take a lot of time and patience.

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