There is too much IGN hoarding on this game.

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I have been trying to create a Luna for hours trying to find a name that is not taken.

This does not happen at other MMOs i play, most of the names i want aren't taken so create a character takes few seconds.

I have NEVER, EVER seen anyone in-game with one of the HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of names i am trying and the system says "name is already taken".

Based on the amount of names taken on Closers, one would think there must be at least 500 players per map on each channel but most maps are completely deserted, regardless the channel. There is people that made hundreds and hundreds of characters they never used, hoarding the IGNs.

There is no other explanation for hundreds and hundreds of taken names you never ever see in-game, no matter how much you play.

See steam charts:

There are not many people playing (even at it's peak time) compared to the amount of IGN taken, i have played games with 20x the amount of people at it's peak (40,000+ players) and they don't don't face this problem, i just tried with a popular MMO and had no issue getting a name.

EME needs to start purging all those lv 10 characters from abandoned accounts made only to hoard IGNs.


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  • I don't think Steam charts is an accurate way to assess the player base, at all. Considering most players don't play on Steam either, because most started w/ the normal client as the steam release was something that released much later.

    And, I'd just like to say that you're kind of wrong? Unless you're going for Generic names, then sure. You're right. But that's mostly in any F2P game, as well.

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    Around 400+ "name is already in use" for a game which peak was 2000 players in steam.

    And i have never seen any of them in-game.


    @Vaunhause said:
    And, I'd just like to say that you're kind of wrong? Unless you're going for Generic names, then sure. You're right. But that's mostly in any F2P game, as well.

    I have never played a MMO that has every single name you try to take, for hours, taken.

    That's the whole point of this post.

    I actually went and created some characters in a more mainstream MMO game with far more players to see if the IGNs were taken.

    All names i tried were available in that more mainstream MMO, it took seconds to make those characters.

    Closers is pretty niche too compared to other MMOs, which means there is MASSIVE, almost systematic IGN hoarding going on.

  • Keep in mind that in most korean MMOs, once one name's taken, it's just gone. In other MMOs, multiple chars can have the same name, so honestly, it's a fault of the way korean devs do this. (notes the literal hundreds of "Kiritos" in PSO2 for example) The thing that gets me though, you have an account name, so I don't see why players CAN'T have multiples of the same name exist in game... I don't see why they won't LET us...

  • Literally slapped the first name i came up with bam is not taken did it on all my 12 characters

  • Many people don't play over steam. I tried like 2 names that were fairly uncreative - 2nd one worked.

  • The second name I entered for Luna wasn't taken. You must have tried to take the most mainstream names one can imagine.

  • Didn't we have this thread already when Violet was released or something?

  • @Lihzakivi said:
    Didn't we have this thread already when Violet was released or something?

    Yeah, pretty sure I remember one for her

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    I literally got my Luna at the first try, and i used a Pokémon HM to name her.

    HM03. (Surf).

    Almost eerygame this nickname is taken, but here was free. <3

    But, cleanning the old names isnot a bad idea.


  • Since there are 13 characters and having alts is encouraged, even without peaks of 100k online users, that's a lot of names needed per player.
    Closers releases a nickname as soon as a character gets deleted, so locking down a nickname for a future character isn't unusual. This also enables name hoarding for less innocent purposes though.
    Good hunting, get creative. I already have my names for the 2 remaining characters decided on (have to start early if you're picky about names).

  • I'll agree that the ratio of taken names to active players is far higher than it should be. However, this game is quite alt-heavy and it makes sense that a lot of the players starting out reserved names for future characters to be released; but going through the verify user feature in the mailing system shows there's a lot of name hoarding going on, or abandoned characters.

    It's way too early to do a major name purge for inactive players, but they can definitely clean out accounts that are obviously made for name-hoarding purposes (all characters at level 10 or lower).

  • I know.

    I was very disappointed to find out that "SmashMe" had already been taken. It took me forever to come up with that.

    Something must be done about this grave injustice or I will sue mEME.

  • Advice #1: Don't use common pronoun
    Advice #2: Don't use edgy meme name


  • I'll be honest, I hoarded at least 40+ games during the release of the game and most of them are one worded usernames.

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    *knock *knock

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