Quick question: Do you guys think the golden gift boxes are worth buying?


  • It's not a bad choice in my opinion. There's nothing from what you have a chance to win that's "bad" in a sense. Everything that's given sells pretty high on the BM as well (especially Zenith Accs such as the eyes and wings). The only negative is that it's rng, as with other various bundles. I'd say at least give it a try.

  • i remember getting a gift last year from our lovely community 2times (from that old thread lol) and got a Full Set DC back then
    -good times-

  • No its not worth anymore, last year there was 50k and 100k EMP stuff.

  • thanks guys .

  • Bought 7, got only consumable boxes. Not worth imo.

    Consumables are useful and all, but when you consider that price tag is about 20-25e for each box it feels like a scam.

  • Thats why they are called Scam boxes

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