Skill cubes

What skill cubes i should use on tina ? with ones for special moves and active.

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    For everything I would use chase damage special & regular skill cubes

    For Rapid Fire skill and Special Move #2 I would use back attack damage

    If you have regular damage instead of chase that works too. Just pick the one with the highest value that u can get.


  • You can use whatever you want for now, wait for future patch for the OP cubes we don't have yet :neutral:
    There are 3 tier cubes, for example tier 3 1% quality is 11.06/14.06 phase/damage cube, that goes up by .03% damage per 1% quality, up to 14/17% or something
    A 100% quality double critdmg/phase cube is 10.03/10.03/11.03, seems balanced to me etcetc

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