How much time is left until Luna 500 EMP?

This PST confuses me, right know is 7:40pm (UTC/GMT -5) so I don't know if the EMP rewarded will be in a few hours or tomorrow's night

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    Sorry, misinterpreted that for the next patch day. The event indeed ends tomorrow @ 12/18th! That gives you a little less than 30 hours.


  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators, Player Council
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    The event ends Tues(12/18/2018) @ 11:59 PM pst. You can use the link below to convert the time to your timezone:

  • Huh? it ends on the 18th not the 19th

  • a1gundama1gundam Member
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    11:59pm PST Tuesday is 2:59am EST Wednesday morning. We're 3 hours ahead of the west (server time).

  • Either way, disregarding event end date @PhantomVoid the EMP doesn't get given out until the 21st :neutral:

  • the event ends on Tuesday the 18th. EMP is usually given 3ish days later on Friday. tomorrow at 10:00am there will be a livestream so you can probably find out all the details there. hopefully we will get Luna's SA patch just before xmas.

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    I hope so too!

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