Seriously tho, Private BM where art thou?

So after I spent $900 on gacha and failed to get ZW wing, I gave up and accepted my bad luck, then went to buy ZW wing from other player. And guess what, snipe boi incoming. I had to shot a few drink to be able to sleep that day. zzz
So yea, Private bm where, and private BM please.
Also gacha rate when(ik even KR doesn't have it but cmon)


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    @Fashionistas said:

    I agree with this suggestion. There are like no exact time for these items to appear, and for us to continuously stalk the BM until it appears then gets snipe, or bought from other players is ridiculous.

    Please add a private BM! Oh, since it's a private BM, we can also eliminate the spawning time for players who doesn't like waiting.

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  • agreed that would be realy nice,also helps waiting on BM for half an hour to get the item that you might miss

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