Closers KR livestream for Beast's release

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I wouldn't mind streaming the new beast class release on KR but would anyone actually attend the live stream? Never live streamed before and I usually just played by myself.

Was wondering if anyone else wanted me to stream for them or something?
I would be streaming after the maint is over. Time might change if the maint is extended but as if now I don't have the exact time.


  • JinyoJinyo Member
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    I am sure there would be people that would love seeing her gameplay - try to promote it again in the official discord server when you go live.
    Since you can answer questions that makes a bit more valueable than korean or western korean players.

  • Here's the live stream
    let me know if anything is wrong or if it's laggy
    This is my first time streaming and i'm only streaming since i'm alone

  • If anyone wants me to continue streaming just let me know
    I'm free all day today.

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