Seth in action! skills and more


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    Looks kinda broken :D

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    I leveled Beast yesterday. Her D skill is soooo fun. You can go up, across, down, etc. It's very mobile.

  • Broken af. I hate her guts.

  • Seth is better than Bai so please give us BEAST FIRST

  • Reminds me of catpaws from Kritika which I rather play instead of this new character. Did the pedobux save korean Closers? So we can stop having money oriented "content" and we get real content now.

  • reminds me of LuCiel's classes from Elsword.. the chains and all that...

  • @Nathaniel697 said:

    @M7MRTF99M6 said:
    Seth is better than Bai so please give us BEAST FIRST

    No thank you.


    BAI IS THE BAE so rather to main her, seth i'll just lvl her for the 500 EMP, lvl 80 for gear+12 and that's all lol

  • @tutuboo said:
    I was hoping the Wildhuter team would be the more mature team compared to the other ones and it seems like they tried it with Wolfgang being first but then Luna came out lol. I like playing Luna though but yeah I wish Wildhuter had more older members or more mature members and [hot] men lol. I wouldn't have minded 2 guys and 3 girls but this is kinda ridiculous and I like playing girl characters lol. Heck, I really wouldn't have minded Beast being female if she wasn't cheap loli bs.

    None of that happens because girls will ultimately sell better than dudes, even hot ones. At this point you can expect a plague of lolis and uninteresting teenage girl characters filling the roster, if and when they choose to introduce yet another team.

    I find it very hard to believe that this team is supposed to be more elite than the characters we've seen so far. I'm pretty disappointed. They could have made an actual decent team of veteran Closers with a compelling history, and instead they chose to supply us with a watered down storyline and the fucking Babysitters Club.

  • Seth is the best get over the fact that she is a loli its not a big deal and she cute AF!!! and it is a anime game if you dont like fan service look away or play another game listening ppl like you is so tiring

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