How can I get more costumes

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Hey guys I have 3 questions for you, how can I get 2 stars or elegible costumes to use on synchro fiber?
There's any metod to farm phase fibers?
And the last but not least how can I get the "Washing Machines seeds" (I forgot the name lol)

If are confuse sorry my first language is not English


  • Phase fibers can drop from some dungeons and you aso can buy with Tokens you earn after finish all the from Union Watch quests.

    You can dismantle a 1 star costume to get 2 fibers, but is not recomendable, because is better upgrade this costume and salvage to get great phase fiber.

    Costumes you can buy in black market, drop from some achievements (Camilla etc), gacha or craft the agent set when disponible (I dont know if is craftable right now).

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    The most common way is to gacha for it, as that gives out a lot of 2* and 3* costumes. Or, if you cannot afford it, you can buy costumes off the BM to later use for costume merging. There are some dungeons that can drop costumes for characters, such as Alarune hair for Sylvi. However, the majority of costume drops are accessories vs items such as hair/top/bottoms/etc. Additionally, if you have Platinum status you get one washing machine a day via mail, which may give you a costume depending on your pull. Having VIP in Housing, which unlocks the two explorations in the second tab, also has a chance to give a washing machine.

    Although some of the later dungeons has a chance to drop at least one phase fiber (such as David raids and beyond), there's not exactly a precise method to farming phase fibers. Although, they do appear in events, VIP gardening, and via gacha. The easiest way to get phase fibers is to upgrade useless 1* accessories, such as a cat tail, to 2*, then proceed to salvage them for fibers. You can also buy 1* and 2* Phase fibers with Lucky Phase Tokens.

    Washing Machine seeds are sometimes given out during events, but not often. Usually, you would buy them in the cash shop.

  • The Crew dungeon gives you most of the time 3 Fibers/Greater Fibers. Tiamat Sides gives you a lot of fibers - even more with Elite since you can drop some at the end of it and some by salvaging the gear. Doing Tiamat is also good since she drops fibers money AND more of the gear that can in return give fibers. Shouldn't take to long to put into your daily routine.

  • also there's achievements that give costume pieces if you havent checked there

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