Which Luna amp to use

Can't decide between using the Winter Triangle or Aegis Charge Amp. Currently I don't even use EX Aegis Charge cause honestly its just awful before level 10. Not sure if its even worth it at 10 though vs just getting the way more damage and extra party buff on taking the laser one. Wondering what other people think.


  • get the ex winter triangle amp good for pvp and pve.

  • Don't care about pvp at all. I just know some people still don't prefer the EX Aegis Charge over the normal no matter what, and I somewhat agree.

  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    Normal aegis charge does more damage if you're using Tindalos mod set (assuming optimal gameplay) so if you're using that setup go for EX Raven Wing otherwise just go with EX Aegis charge for the amp.

    As a side note even with the tindalos mod setup EX Aegis charge will out damage vanilla aegis charge at around lvl 13 or 14 so if you're investing in tunes its way better to use EX aegis charge as your amplifier

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I would go Aegis Charge, but if you don't like it then the next one would be Winter Triangle.

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