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Merge naming conflict policy needs to be changed

edited January 2019 in Closers Feedback

Hello everyone,

I would like to draw your attention on name conflict management during the merge, which gives IGN, crew name and name account priority for NA players. I will focus here on IGN conflicts.

I think this system is very frustrating for EU players because:

  1. no one obviously wants to have his main characters IGN to be superseded by a low level/inactive/bot characters.

  2. EME has the capacity to apply more rational critera to the name conflicts such as the date of creation or the character level. These two critera are already used to delete extra characters during the merge if the total number of characters of EU and NA accounts exceeds 13 (for an account without extra slots).

So if EME is able to spot name conflict and to retrieve characters level and date of creation, why are these two criterias not applied for name conflict?

I think it will be far more fair and it will show more consideration to EU players if name conflicts are decided by character levels, and then date of creation instead of the current system.

If it is not possible, I suggest that EU player to be eligible for compensation depending on the number of max level characters which have to be renamed.

Thanks for reading,


  • They are making it so if the NA one has not logged on for 6 months an EU one can supersede it. aka the EU does not need a name change.

  • 754P9K9TXD754P9K9TXD Member
    edited January 2019

    @SolarGeo said:
    They are making it so if the NA one has not logged on for 6 months an EU one can supersede it. aka the EU does not need a name change.

    Yes but this is clearly not enough. A low level character you just created for housing or for an EMP event can still supersede a max level character which has been played since launch.

    More importantly, the current situation does not prevent greedy people from creating new NA characters just to become IGN sellers after the merge....That's why something with a more rational basis is needed.

  • a1gundama1gundam Member
    edited January 2019

    I'm on the NA server and I'll agree with you. If someone from EU has the same name as me and their character was created before mine AND their still active, then they deserve to keep their name. I'll change my name, not the end of the world

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