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  • @Karousl said:
    I'm neutral here but yea, majority of people wants Bai for early release and is annoyed with their planning on April to June for their development road map.

    @FishingDarkness said:
    Valid point. Nice deduction over here. Yup, this shows clearly that the majority wants Bai to be set in an earlier release date as compared to the planned April to June 2019.

    @FishingDarkness said:
    The majority of the community wants Bai and it is strongly supported by the many comments and "likes" in here.

    From an outsiders point of view on this topic:
    It's kinda funny everytime I see such claims in any games forum.
    Of course, players who want Bai earlier are commenting and leaving "likes" here. ;)
    But that doesn't automatically make them the "majority".
    Almost all players who don't care about Bai won't even bother to post in or read this thread, 'cause it's irrelevant to them. B)

    In other words, without a poll that everyone would've to take, there's no way to say which "site" is the majority,
    only which one is the loudest. :D

    I can understand both sites (minus the insults. those don't help anyone).
    For me personaly, if EME can bring her earlier it's good. If not, then the same.

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    People who invested time and money in this game want to quit because their favorite character isn't coming soon enough -- what a load of crap. It will come when it comes. It is whining, despite what the moderators and what some people are saying. Grow up and learn some patience. Was I sad when Soma wasn't out yet? Yes, but I didn't want to quit over it. I love this game and if one character release is enough to make you want to quit, then go for it. No one is stopping you and the community will be all the better for it.

  • MomoDaakuMomoDaaku Member
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    @Karousl said:
    Btw, 5k+ views and still counting~ I didn't see a topic being so hot recently, mostly the other thread has around 2k+ views at best. But that's not the case for Bai. Bai is indeed very popular.

    Do you really think that views mean anything? Half of these views come from the people who are against Bai and are arguing against her early release or from those who enjoy all the boiling emotions and taste of salt (from both sides) in this thread.

    I mean... I watch this thread many times per day and I'm neither pro or against an early release of Bai.

  • MomoDaakuMomoDaaku Member
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    @IchiruGo said:
    That is why as people suggested - Make a poll on how many want Bai to release earlier and people will just shut up based on the poll rather that keep debating here with their own ideal which will be fair and partial on how many players want Bai? Got it?

    Then EME would need to make it a mandatory poll for every player. Don't think that's possible unless they give some (good) free things to those who take part and advertise it in the Launcher.

    Like... Make it part of the free daily deals and make (both the same item) one count towards Bai early release and one against. And you can only choose the one or the other.

  • The question is... Why should anyone be against an early release of Bai if such a poll will be done? Those who are not excited about her have no reason to vote against her because it wouldn't change anything for them (they don't need to play her even if she is released) and only those who want to induce rage in the supporters of Bai have any reason at all to vote against her. Most people would vote for her, for sure.

  • ElfgahrElfgahr Member
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    @milisan said:
    ^ How is Bai getting released to an earlier date makes it a rushed job?
    That's why this discussion exists in the first place. People are asking EME what they can accomplish. People are trying to communicate. They want to listen to EME's reply. How is this being "selfish"?
    Speaking of "community's maturity", it's just sad that ANTI-BAIs, throughout the entire thread, have dissed PRO-BAIs. In fact PRO-BAIs have been far more mature in presenting their arguments and less resorted to any form of insults.

    A "rushed" job is usually determined by the poor quality upon early released date.
    Sure they can probably swap up some release dates. But from own experience, this still throws a wrench into planning and work performance.

    Plus, I was focusing on the "poll." Like I said, any "poll" or any survey of what the general's opinion really won't help the situation. Because it will always boil down to "nice thing should come sooner" and "I prefer less waiting" regardless of your opinions on this topic. I mean take your time preparing food and make sure it's safe and enjoyable, but being quick is kind of a hot bonus.
    And the poll is about the players' opinion, not EME's respond. They already know what we want with this thread.

    Finally, this mess with "Earlier Released date" is nothing new. It always happens. Majority of the time, I think this community severely lack patient and appreciation. I am in no way defending EME and that there are plenty they can do better. However, when it comes to planning and releasing contents, it's community's own fault and false expectation for being disappointed.

    The most similar occurant would be the release of Harpy (iirc). We had a major QoL improvement that benefits all current and future characters at the cost of later released Harpy. The community was pretty much "fuq QoL improvement and reducing time to reach end game by 50%. We want Harpy!!" and nobody is playing Harpy.
    We are repeating history, receiving a major content expansion that can be enjoyed by multiple characters at a cost of an early experience of a single and potential limited character. The discussion is the same "she is my waifu and my dlck knows better."

  • @FishingDarkness said:
    I have repeatedly mentioned that what we do not "Want" is the constant insults from those who are opposing/ANTI-BAI.
    these ANTI-BAIs will always directly/indirectly insult us in any way possible and or personal attack just to present their arguments to strongly prove that their point is correct which is not.
    The best part is nothing can be done against them, ANTI-BAI. They can insult us, dissed at us and or invoking hate etc without any punishment at all. @Hime I see that you are a fair and partial moderator. Do you think that this is acceptable for this situation in this entire thread?

    Appeal to figure of authority and sense of morality does not make you right. It makes you a sly cunning lizard and short of cute, maybe a politician or lawyer, but not right.

    Plus, seeing people bashing each other about the release date of their waifu is kinda the tradition around here. It tickles my heart so please don't take that away from me.

  • Don't know why but people who do not like Bai should avoid commenting. This thread has only gone long enough because two sides are biting each others sausages.

  • @Meowtingbard said:
    Well actually I plan to start the game today with recommendation by my friend, however when I come to this forum to see how people bashing people with their own mindset is absolutely distasteful.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a forum where players are free to voice out their concern regarding on area of improvement or voice of concern, however what I see is when players voicing their voices and comes those unneeded comments from other unsolicited comments given by players who are not here to solve the interest of topic but to Flame up the matters on personal attacks?

    Constructive voices are fine but not till the extend, knife hidden in words and proceed to personal attacks. That is so immature ways of doing things, is this going to resolve the issues/concerns? The answer is no.

    Is this how a healthy Forum community to be? How are we going to grow and progress from such community without healthy Opinion rather than the best you can do is personal attacks on others who give views on Bai via you own ideal ways of thinking. It is absolutely disgraceful to be honest which I believe those who view the conflict on and off can tell how bad the situation is.

    How do you expect new players to enjoy the games after seeing how cancerous this place is without been moderate as players been tagging for moderators and even the EME staff here when Flaming issues arises? and you guys allow it to happen?

    Please do not bring up the Rules & regulation when you guys even failed to keep it uphold and minimise flaming at the bay.

    That is my concern.

    Admittedly, the forums get like this every 3 months or so, it's fairly chill otherwise. Players had the expectation of things going the same way they did in the KR version of the game and when EME started with their own schedule for some things, it started rubbing people the wrong way. We had the Tina vs Harpy debacle where the community voted in game and Tina was released first instead of Harpy, we also had Soma get released before Luna, and there were other incidents here and there too. For the most part, this incident started when people had the expectation of us getting a new char every 6-8 weeks or so (cuz until now, the schedule kinda did go like that after the game "officially" released). Bai's scheduled for somewhere between April and June and that more or less sparked the discussion here.

    That being said, this game really is fun (though I'm on my own hiatus atm), so I do hope you enjoy your stay. Season 3 content starts up soon so by the time you get there, you'll have even more content to have fun with.

  • @JustThere said:
    Don't know why but people who do not like Bai should avoid commenting. This thread has only gone long enough because two sides are biting each others sausages.

    From what I gather, no one dislike nor hate Bai in anyway that justifies being labeled "ANTI." What they truly disrespect is the people's impatience, complain about "not being early enough."
    If Bai does get releashed early, it sure as hell not gonna hurt the "ANTI" in anyway. They'll be glad for it and respect EME more for it. If she does not, the "PRO" is the only one getting pissed off and the "ANTI" just gonna laugh silently in their hearts.

    @Christina09 said:
    The public have the eyes to see who is in the right and wrong. Just ignore them will do.

    The public also once believed the Sun goes around the Earth and burn anyone alive, including priests, for thinking otherwise. Just saying.

  • In my opinion, delaying Bai was probably the worst decision they could have done, Bai is by far the most popular character from the 3rd team and based on our server population, I can easily tell Bai would be one of the most played characters, right now the most popular ones in NA are Yuri and Violet (girls with swords). But, the main problem is that the player base is very unstable right now because of the server merge, lots of people quitting and others thinking about doing so, delaying her made it very easy to decide if they should quit or not.

  • @Nailliw said:
    In my opinion, delaying Bai was probably the worst decision they could have done

    She wasn't delayed

  • JinyoJinyo Member
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    They didn't delay Bai - she's getting released on shedule. The shedule atm is extremely fast as well.

  • OrenglaiveOrenglaive Member
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    @Jinyo said:
    They didn't delay Bai - she's getting released on shedule. The shedule atm is extremely fast as well.

    Careful, someone might pull the "personal attack" card again and spark this in a bad direction again...

  • Sometimes things are delayed with reason.

    EME probably has good reasoning.

    Would probably help if they made a statement about it.

  • Hm, I thought she was, her time gap is so much longer than the other 3rd team characters, I think the longest was 2 months (from Wolfgang to Soma), so I was expecting her at most at February, well anyway, whether it was in their control or not, putting her release so far was really bad, at least right now, like I said previously, player base is very unstable, it made a lot of people move on to other servers. Maybe they should have announced server merge AFTER she was released, would have less salt in the community.

  • @Jinyo said:
    They didn't delay Bai - she's getting released on shedule. The shedule atm is extremely fast as well.

    Y'all being childish and selfcentered.

    Compared to other character release times she could be considered delayed and there is no need for calling people that want her to be out "childish and self-centered"

  • @SleepyMaribo said:
    Sometimes things are delayed with reason.

    EME probably has good reasoning.

    Would probably help if they made a statement about it.

    Cant be delayed if there was not a relase date in the begining BearShoes clarified that..................just saying.
    those threatening whit quit or change server are too childsih is getting old alredy i heared that 1.000 times in any MMO and no one ever goes.
    For me the bai relase date is great it give me time to farm stuff and money for her whiout rushing me at all

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    EME Staff and its Forum Moderators look into this thread daily mostly to gauge feedback alongside making sure threads are following rules. If there are posters that fail to follow the rules, they will be dealt with as one sees fit. For example, if there is a post that is out of line then it will be edited and warned as such. Not doing anything does that mean that any of us "don't care for the community", it is that we don't any action that needs to occur. Again, if there is a reason to act, we will do so.

    Regardless, this isn't the main topic of this thread. As I spoken about before, the main topic of this thread is to discuss Bai's Release Date of April - June. We're still looking through feedback.

    If there are questions regarding "personal attacks", then feel free to PM myself, other forum moderators, or EME Staff. Please do not derail this thread with that, pming us will allow us to investigate and deal with it accordingly. That being said, the forums also has a "Report" option in cases of such.


  • @Karousl said:

    @Pengyz said:

    @FishingDarkness said:

    @Pengyz said:
    I'm just gonna point out that the only two official servers that have Bai at this current moment are KR and CN.

    CN came out Q3 2016 and I believe has always been pretty close to KR in updating? They got Bai 2 months after KR, and got Seth last week?.
    TW came out Q2 2017, released Soma September 2018, TF Tina 2 weeks ago, no announcement for Bai as far as I can see.
    ID came out May 2016, Luna came out November 2018, Soma has not even been announced.
    JP came out September 2015, Luna came out July 2018, Soma was recently announced for February 2019.

    As it is quite plain to see, NA/EU has had a much faster release schedule, having past two older servers in content already. To say that NA/EU players are impatient or selfish is not ungrounded in the slightest.

    Also worth reiterating that Bai was not delayed. BearShoes has already clarified this.

    You are wrong on Closers TW server though. They are getting Bai soon, there is a trailer for Bai released last week for their server. Get your facts right and stop justifying for the sake of proving your point.

    Source? All I see is this:
    I don't actively follow the TW server, so I wouldn't be surprised if I were wrong about the TW server. However, wrong or not, this doesn't change the fact that we have already surpassed 2 older servers in content, soon maybe 3.

    The point here is: We (NA/EU) already have the better end of the stick in comparison to players in other regions who have been around for a year or two longer. Don't you think you're being a little greedy?

    And you guys are really getting out of hands by constantly using strong aggressive words such as "impatient" and "selfish" that is literally a form of attacking against us who wants Bai. This is technically abusing of rights knowing that nothing and or no punishment will falls on you guys which is happening in this discussion thread.


    All of us who wants Bai already mentioned clearly, we do not want insults and or any form of attacks from you guys (Social Justice Warrior). And as mentioned by @Karousl that it is those who opposed Bai are really getting out of hand, just to bash us and not giving us constructive argument. There will always be insults hurl or inciting of hates and etc. This is essentially a form of bully like what @fullmetalone mentioned.

    I don't know where social justice plays a part in any of this, but okay. I'm sure no one here wants to be insulted nor attacked, but to say that the people who are against those with the opinion that Bai's release date should be pushed forward only bash other's opinions is untrue. When people said Bai was delayed, we said that was untrue - and it was untrue. When people threatened to leave to other servers, we pointed out that such actions are not forms of constructive criticism nor are they a convincing reason to push Bai's release forward. If you take a step back and actually read some of the other comments, you'd realize that none of the people who are 'against' the earlier release of Bai explicitly say that they against pushing Bai's release date forward. Instead, they (and I as well) say that we are perfectly content with the current projected release date; specifically, we are indifferent as to what happens in the end.

    Personally, I choose not to support those who wish to push Bai's release date forward simply because I disagree with the methodologies of those who wish to push Bai's release date forward. Saying that you wish to see Bai's release date pushed forward is completely fine, but actions like threatening to quit is not fine. Furthermore, if EME does push forward Bai's release date, it sets the precedent that actions such as threatening to quit is adequate enough 'feedback' for EME to take action, and that is not something I would like to see. On the other hand, if people had expressed their interest in pushing Bai's release date forward with good intentions, I (and I guess, a few others) wouldn't have posted at all.

    Did you read what they said? In this forum, those who opposed Bai used strong words such as (Stupid, Dick, Immature, Selfish, Childish, Idiot, Fuck off etc) to justify their stance in not wanting Bai. I'm pretty sure I saw some more vulgar language used, I don't know if it was edited or anything but yes, you can see how aggressive this people who opposed Bai are just to win the argument.

    Argument to opposed Bai is perfectly fine. I am one of them who is against Bai to be release since I don't see a reason to play her anyway. The main problem here which disgusted me as fellow player who opposed Bai is that they keep on write those vulgar language and insults towards those who wants Bai.

    This is totally unacceptable. @Christina09 has a valid point that if you disagree with Bai earlier release date, all you can simply do is to say you disagree. I am against it and then justify your stance. But no! These people who opposed Bai have to scold then Vulgarity and throwing insults. Basically this become a flaming thread instead of constructive feedback. It is really an awful sight to see it.

    I am deeply ashamed of those who shared the same viewpoint to opposed Bai BUT yet choose to insult and scold vulgarity in here to justify their stance, turning this into a flaming thread against those who want Bai to be earlier release.

    Allow me to sincerely apologize for them.

    I guess I missed the more vulgar posts before the were deleted. I hope EME handled them accordingly.

    But at the same time, all the hostility in the recent replies isn't helping either side.

  • SolarGeoSolarGeo Member
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    As I stated before and a few others, We can come to an agreement that might make both parties a bit happy.
    That being a Late February to at most late March release.
    I mean I waited... Roughly 7 Years for Halo Wars 2. I was EXCITED Beyond HAPPY when it was announced. I wanted ASAP, but I also wanted it to be as best as it COULD be.
    So I can wait for Bai. But I would be happy for a bit earlier release.

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