New 12-player Raid


  • Only difficulty will be dealing with not 3 other players with bad connection... but 11...

  • It´s difficult to get a random squad of 4...And they hope for us to get a squad of 12? lol, not to mention about the connection thing.

  • people here seem like they have 80yo. nothing but complaining hahaha

    This raid seems awesome! Cant wait. <3

  • As long it doesn't get clogged with obnoxious mechanics it mite b cool

  • @Masazumi said:
    As long it doesn't get clogged with obnoxious mechanics it mite b cool

    true, a raid with way to many mechanics isnt fun.

    FF14 stopped being fun for me because of that.

  • Too many bugs reeeee.
    That aside, this raid does look pretty awesome. Can't wait to see it live in KR.

  • A kawaii bee-chan boss, and they are fighting in a big hand, so who is that ultra mega monster

  • the bee reminds me of that one magus sister...

  • The Raid will be more of 3 Teams of 4 people than 12 people in 1 screen, so something like 3 bosses and each team fight the bosses at the same time, I think?

  • DFO does this as well, the raids are 24 players, but its parties of 4 completing different objectives. Thing with DFO raids is if one party fails a objective in some cases, it results in all 24 players dying and the raid resetting/becoming locked out for the day.

    Hopefully unlike DFO the raid will be available everyday, DFO raids are locked to 3 days a week for crying out loud... which makes gear acquisitions taking half a year...

  • There are plenty games where raids are about many groups of 4/5 players of each, to able to complete it, so this is normal nothing new

  • this is great.
    hope my potato pc can handle 12 players party hehe rip fps.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    That looks so cool!

  • Seems pretty nice, unlimited entry allowed for investigation :smile: 1 time reward
    The new core at t0 has 104% crit damage lul

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